I love my sisters panties

I used to wear my older sisters panties, then a bra too, then a dress, her heels the lot too complete the look.

both my sisters have gorgeous clothes, i love to borrow things off the both of them. A year or two ago my younger sister said she saw the way i looked at her, especially when she was wearing more revealing or sexier outfits. she told me this one night when there was only the two of us in the house, she pulled me out of bed after telling me and into her room, demanding to know what id like to see her wear, so i told her. she wore a really short dress that was so short it only covered half her butt, and it showed a large cleavage too. the underwear she wore was a sexy little black thong and a matching bra. she then told me that since i told her what to wear, she wanted me to wear a panel dress, with some soft underwear under it. she also painted my nails and put makeup on me too. she told me she had known for a long time i liked her clothes and enjoyed wearing them too, i told her i did this for both her and our older sister too.

she then pushed me back onto the soft pink bed covers and pinned me down, telling me to wear what i like when i like, on some conditions.
1. when it was just the two of us home i had to wear girly things, sometimes chosen by her
2. i had to do a bit of shopping with her to ge things i wanted too
3. when we were out just the two of us, or even home, if i wanted help or anything (sexually too) i could ask her too. (we agreed this to work both ways)

then we just began to talk and do girly things, we had a good time and i made sure she doesnt tell anyone about it, this doesnt count as its anonymous, under a different name and she knows im posting this



Aug 21, 2018

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  • I am 14 and my step sister is 25. It has been 3years now that i have been using her worn panties to j******* my tool . I am doing it regularly may be she is aware of it and likes it too.
    I casualy steal her undies from her rack and get the job done. It all started when One day I sneaked out at her room through the window and caught her naked and masturbating violently using her panty. She has pointed nipples and a very hairy p****. I fapped insantly seeing this. I have strong urge lick her and p**** push my d*** inside her. One day when we were alone in the house and she was deep in sleep I steathily sneaked into her room. I upskirted her and saw that she wasnt wearing her panties! I coudnt resist the smell of her p**** and ended up putting my rough tongue inside her curly hairs .I thought she was completely unware of it so I slowly started licking her c******* and also the lower p****. After a few seconds the p**** became wet and I got to taste the c** of my step sis. After that I pulled my d*** out and gently placed it in the hole and started rubbing it slowly . Then when she started to moan in sleep I got sacred of being get caught I pulled her skirt down and fled from there.
    After that incident it became hard for me yo resist her. I always find ways to get close to her.
    Every I would take one of her panties to get the job done and load lot of my s**** in them. She always had to wear panties wet with my s****.
    Few days later one day when we were together in the kitchen I gather courage to put hands on her round busty b**** while finding dishes from the upper shelf . I even rubbed my p**** in her ass for a few moments while touching her b**** but soon she left hurrily from there.
    Now its 3years , I am using her worn panties daily to sniff ,lick and rub my tool. She has never complained about it to anyone.

  • Hi i would love to have you in white cotton panties, knee socks and pleated skirt. MY gf used to love wearing my svn yo nieces used underwear and pretend to be her while i gently coaxed her into flashing her panties and talk filth to her

  • I would love your nieces panties, lick, sniff and smell her 7 yo c***

  • You are a sick degenerate f_uck

  • My sister gave me my first b****** and p****

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