I f***** my best friend...

There was this party my best friend threw hes been my best friend ever since i was 1 or two so we are so close so i was in the party dancing like a idiot then i talked to some friends he kept looking at me and biting his lip i was wearing a really short dress high heels and no shorts just my panties my friend kept pointing out how he was looking at me so i went to him and started talking to him he was nice to me like always but he looked happy like really happy i asked him why he looks like this is the best f****** day of his life lol he said something like i really like someone or i love a girl i met since birth i felt kinda hurt cause i like him but i did not know he was talking about me i went in his room to pick up my phone cause i left it here last time i then feel hands behind my waist i did not know it was him so i just stood still in shock then he made me face him and pushed me on the wall he bit his lip again i asked what he was doing then he lifted up my dress i was wearing a bra but i felt uneasy he then took of my bra and kissed my nipples i was so turned on now i kept mouning he then took of my panties and kissed me on my lips i felt really happy then he said the girl i love is you i said i loved him too and he took of his pants and he entered me i was on a pill he started slow but then went fast i was so wet i was mouning loud he pushed me on the bed and then went inside me again and went faster he came inside me he kissed me and then asked his friend to make everyone leave they all left he hugged me on the bed and asked so you love me and i said yes he kissed me one more time then we both fell asleep we both woke up he smiled at me and kissed me i left and now im here i really love him

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