In charge of our s**

My boyfriend and I are both 18, but whereas I have a lot of sexual experience he doesn't. This has meant that he has relied on me to teach him how to pleasure me which is good because I need a lot of pleasuring to make me c**. It also means that we have s** when I want it, how I want it and for as long as I want it. It was never designed to be this way, it is just the way it has turned out, but I very much enjoy having this level of control and he is happy to go along with it. Sometimes we don't have intercourse, I just get him to go down on me because that is the best and most enjoyable way for me to come, and when I'm fully satisfied he jerks off while I watch.

Aug 27, 2018

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  • I hope you are not letting your boyfriends c** go to waste. If you were the one that made him c** dont you think he would make you lick it up ?? You are in charge so show him and everyone else and when he jacks off have him catch it in his hand then lick it all up.Or better yet have him lay with his hips up over his head and when he c*** he can shoot it right in his open mouth . If you get him into yoga he will get limber enough that in no time he will be able to suck his own c***. He will be so happy that you have helped him learn how to do that but more importantly your girlfriends will be happy when you have him sucking their boyfriends c**** for them.

  • You have an impressive talent my dear. Make him drink your p***

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