Love to humiliate my wife behind her back!

have been using my wife's friends to get off for a very long time. Usually I go through their hampers and try to find their used panties and j*** off to them as I sniff and lick them clean.
I've c** on their toothbrushes, in their shampoo and in their food when the opportunity arises. In our circle of friends I am known as the computer go to guy, this lets me in on some computer fixes for lots of these friends. You have no idea how many nude pictures I have collected of my wife's friends. If only most of these women knew I seen their most intimite parts and a**** in such manners, they would flip!

I also love sharing and posting extremely explicit nude images and videos of my wife online, without her knowing. I love knowing tons of guys have seen her in all these poses, doing all these sexual acts all the while jerking off to her. I've shared many of these photos and videos with people my wife knows very well; her ex-boss, her current closest coworker, and best of all her brother-in-law (her sisters husband) who also shows me pics and vids of his wife. Man just telling people about this got me hard as a rock...


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  • I have my wife on a couple of sites. she does not know I take pics and vids of her naked.she does not like to be naked ,even when we have s** she has to have the lights off. she only wants s** about every 2 months so this turns me on knowing a lot of people is seeing her naked when she hates being naked.just knowing she is on the internet naked makes s** with her better.

  • Count me in. I took some photos of my wife naked a couple of years ago with a hidden camera. I've posted them and shared them online and get a huge thrill out of it. I even shared them locally on Craigslist and one guy claimed to know her. That was a bit scary, but it's still a huge rush. I'd like to find some guys willing to post them all over the internet. I post them, but then turn chicken after they've been up a couple of weeks and I'll take them down. But it's really hot to think about others posting them and me having no control.

  • Will comment, rate and tribute pics.

  • I love to expose my wife and family members who have no idea that I show their nude pictures to people on the internet and around town.

    I would love to see her pictures and I have pictures of my wife for you to see and report anywhere you want to.

  • Love to trade pics and vids with you.

  • I love trading pictures too. I totally get off on seeing real wives and real women. I get off on knowing someone else has seen my wife like this and knowing they m********* while looking and thinking of her gets me super hard. I have posted her photo on Craigs List in other cities several times and I always get numerous replies. I often correspond back and forth with a guy or two I pick out, and on a few occasions have even shown her face in the pictures...thrilling but scary as well. I guess that is what gives me a rush.

    One guy actually posted some of her pictures on joyfulMasturbators dot com. I am scared about them being there and now I am trying to get the guy to remove them. I have mixed emotions about her being so visible.

    This is like an addiction and the more I show of her, the more I want to show if her.

    Wish more guys left an e-mail address here, I would contact them, but like everyone else, I am a little nervous about posting my addy right here.

  • I shared sexy and nude pics of my wife with a guy I then chatted to on h**** knowing he wanked off looking at her :-)

  • Mines _AD_C if youre interested

  • I do the same thing. I love it

  • I haven't shared her yet, but have posted 4 close up videos of playing with her while passed out. I don't let her know about or see the vids for a few weeks then she finds out what others have been looking at and commenting on. Turn your sound up and you can hear how wet she is! Love know guys are getting off on her so let us know your thoughts. And please rate her vids if you enjoy her.

    email us at

  • Howdy....would like to share is one to get started....reply here or email us at turn your sound up if you want hear how wet she is....get off know guys are getting off on her.]

    I do this when she is passed out on wine and ambien....sometimes I let her see them a few weeks later...


  • I love to expose my wife too. and hear the comments

  • I love to share my wife's pics...after I've promised to delete them. Mostly I do it on chat lines and I would bet hundreds of guys have sen her naked now. The funny thing is that she is a super straight Mormon lady.

  • That is amazing!

  • My wife is the relief society second counselor. I would love to swap some pics!

  • My husband did this to ME and I have had to tell people the pictures they saw were photoshopped! He turned me from a good Christian woman into a sluuty w**** and now I cannot even feel comfortable going to church!!

  • Hahaha sorry w****, at least a bunch of people got to see your p****

  • Good on him. You sound like you need to be exposed.

  • For some reason I do this as well. I have a burning desire to expose her to the world. I get off when people post that she is hot and love to j*** off to her.

    I also have posted many pictures of ex-girlfriends on the internet too. It is unlikely that someone close to her or them will find them. As not many of her friends and family look for p***.

    I do it very anonymously, and with fake profiles on certain sites. I always do a google search to see if they show up when typing in key words.

    If I do ever get caught, I will just say that I must have been hacked and the pics were stolen.

    Why do I do this? I believe I am just a natural born pervert. Always have and always will be. Do I feel love? Yes I believe I do in my own way. But this is what gets me off. And as long as I play it smart and don't get found out, I will continue doing it until I have had enough.

    Sorry if this offends anyone, but I am honest about these feelings.

  • You described myself to a tee. lol.

  • dont share pics but would like to chat about the wife. any chat rooms where men can compare wives? how did it get to tghis? easy, my wife hasn't shown any interest in me in quite a while. i got tried of it -- complicated relationship - extended family etc -- i love my wife but not in a romantic way anymore and will spend the rest of my days taking care of her etc. talking / sharing about her in a fantasy / would like to turns me on. hmm, how about this? shes got 44dds and is really a fat little oinker anhyowne want to train her?

  • I love humiliating my wife...posting pics of her naked, exposing her in public, letting guys use her for fun and much else. I do not care what anyone thinks.

  • I am one of the wives that found out my soon to be ex-husband was posting nude photos of me while he was soliciting men, women, and couples, as well as, propositiong them. So to all that think this is humerous...look up "video voyeurism" in the state of Louisiana. I have already contacted detectives and will be making my report Monday, with ALL of my evidence. This is considered a criminal act. Penalty is at least $10,000.00 and up to one year of HARD LABOR. And he will have to publically list himself as a s** offender. He too had the sarcastic attitude like I am detecting in some of these post. But when he finds out there is a warrent out for his arrest, I truly believe his attitude will change. This is a man that has mentally and physically abused me, and has a sick addiction to p***. And on top of it all, I now know he is bi, gay, or whatever. I consider him to be a sick s** addict. And yes....this is a man I loved dearly at one time.
    So to all of you men, why don't you have enough respect to ask your wife if she would consent to posting her photos? Are maybe you know she would disapprove....that would be my guess!!

  • I have been doing much the same for years, I love that strangers see very explicit photos and videos of her. Most she does not even know I have taken. I usually make sure that she is not wearing a bra and has flimsy or very low cut tops on when we are out. I sometimes expose her...

    I have sold lots of her panties over the years, I usually include at least one very explicit photo and one face photo.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  • i wish i was your wife

  • I love sharing explicit photos and videos of my wife to people she knows. It is so hot knowing that people she meet and talks to have seen photos of her naked, with her legs wide open... as well as friends i have given photos to some of her family. I have told people who her the full details of her most intimate activities. It is so damn hot!!!

    i also leave explicit photos of her in bars, rest rooms and other places..a few times i have s** with other women whilst they wore her best lingerie :)

  • Photographs in restrooms. That's a brilliant idea and so hot!

  • I actually did this too! So hot. I left my wife's pictures in a restroom at a truck stop. She would die if she knew that I left a picture of her face covered in c** and a picture of her f****** herself with three fingers in a public place for all to see. I can c** just thinking about the countless men who have jerked off to my w**** wife.

  • Original Poster: We have a lot in common, let's chat...Yahoo Messenger: cuckold_revenge

  • please send me her pics.

  • Hey, this is the original poster. If you want to know more let me know where I can get in touch with you, a website or e-mail addy I can talk it over with you about.

  • To have your wife exposed to the entire world send her pics to me at and it will be done. Can't wait to expose her for you!

  • Sounds cool. I've done the hamper, toothbrush and mouthwash thing, myself.
    Another good one is hair conditioner. Nothing like knowing a woman has rinsed her hair in your c**.
    Where do you post her pix? Wife Lovers? (wifelovers dot com) or Show Me Your Wife (smyw dot org)

  • ^ funny. :D Can we kick him out of the Pervert Union?

  • Men like you give perverts a bad name.

  • I hope she divorces you and takes you for everything you have.
    You're a horrible man
    and you don't love your wife.
    F*** you, d*** head
    go die or something.

  • What would you do if the wife found out?

  • This is the original poster. In answer to your question "What would you do if the wife found out?" Then I would threaten to have one of my online buds show off some of the most disgusting s** acts she has ever done and we filmed to all of her friends, coworkers, and family.

    She would get the point because she knows what she has done, they would all be disgusted at my s***!

  • Was considering asking you to contact me...this response put it over the top.

  • My wife 52 years old still petite with nice small but firm t*** with lovely always hard nipples and a lovely puffy p**** kept as bald as the day she was born just loves flashing it all off;mostly throu spring and summer months when it's warm out,she likes nothing more than to wear a very thin white cotton blouse no bra and buttons 1-3 left undone,nice short pleated skirt no panties and 2-3 inch heels;go out to a shopping centre and ride the escalators so anybody behind can get a lovely eyeful of baldy p**** and firm apple shaped buttocks ; we sometimes pick a spot at the top to sit so as guys or girls get 3-4 steps from the top and with her legs slightly akimbo they can see the moist p**** and her nice hooded erect clitty on full view;it's also fun in a good shoe store with a young assistant boy or girl helping her try on strappy shoes or long thigh length boots;she has "pulled" often this way and gone on to have some very naughty explosive fun with both guys and girls whilst I go off for a coffee until she has been serviced fully and returns to tell me all about it,once home or out in a nearby meadow we then have such wild and wanton s**

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