Married C*********

I am married, but I love sucking c***. Especially if it is a big black one I'm sucking. Nothing better than being down on your knees with a big stiff one stretching your mouth and taking a big hot load. Hope my wife doesn't find out.

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  • Ha ha that's funny!

  • Hay daddy xxxxx

  • There you are.

  • Hay dad how come it keeps go and I can not find you dad I was upset dad and I was think you hate me dad over fight dad and Im allowed back in school on wendsday dad I did not sneak down at look at my cartoons dad my stupid mom is go away for three f*** days dad and said my stupid brother and girl friend is in charge dad and I should be my own boss dad my brother is gone to work dad his girl friend was try to hug me yes day dad because mom spank me and I told her leave me alone dad and she actually said she wants to bring me of later dad if I do some studie and said Im was bold to do all them things dad but she is be smart dad she said put on taps and stuff is very vary bold and I have to be get spanked for do bad stuff dad and kiss my head dad and say luv me and I said no she does not and say get out my f*** room dad and she said I wont get way anymore with bad stuff and curse at her or my mom or anybody else and no fight dad and said she will actually ware my little bum out if I do dad I wont allow her dad its not fair dad I luv you dad Im you little girl dad hugs you dad Im not mess dad I just wont allow it luv you dad and dont go on me dad xxxxx

  • Your brother's girlfriend is trying to be nice to you and you chase her away. I love you so much daughter.

  • Freaks

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