me and my mom share every topics.When i was in class 10 i saw my parents f***** and mustarbate.

we have one tenant in our home and he is unmarried and his character is not good as well.

one day he came to our house and talk with my mom about age gap between them.

my mom is 45 and my father is 70.

my mom told he is trying to touch my mom hand while serving tea but my mom refused.

when i heard that i feel angry but now i am confused that should i advice my mom to s** with him or not.

because s** is also important.


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  • You have said that you feel angry. Does that mean that you would not like someone to come around where they're not wanted and try to seduce your own sweetheart or wife? At best, the part of you that wants to help by hooking them up is an outsider's view, you don't have the full perspective. At worst, it's mechanical, it's a base thought that you need to ignore. A healthy man's s** drive does not diminish with age. It doesn't mean he can't perform as well as he used to, it doesn't mean he can't meet his wife's needs like he used to. The advice mom should be getting, and I don't think that as her child it's a topic you're allowed to broach about her relationship, is to work it out with her husband - *if* there is a problem where physical needs are not being met by one or the other. Inviting a third party into the mix will just be disastrous.

  • When your married someone touching your moms hand should be off limits. Age difference does not make it ok for someone to touch her. If your father can no longer please her sexually then maybe she needs to have a conversation with your dad on her needs. There are s** toys she could purchase to please her.
    If he somehow agrees to let her have s** with someone else then maybe that would be different. Otherwise the tenant needs to keep his dirty hands off of her.

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