Want someone f*** my wife

My wife hot and wet pusy is ready for a big c***..from a stranger..

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  • I'm hard but I want all hole's it this okay

  • I'd f**** that b**** real for you. Just tell me where to come. S*** that b**** would be screaming out my name and your littles white d**** not fit after I plow her s***. That's what I do. Just go from place to place making B****** feel f****** good cause there stupid husbands can't. Oh man would shes be finished with you. So think twice before you call on me. My c**** probably 3 times your length and atleast 2 times the thickiness of your little pecker. Just sayin yo. Anyway my number is for ones zeros six twos seven o's two one seven. Ask for Marvin. I nail her c*** so good. Plus my baby juices is very good. Knock her ass the f*** up.

  • Hi id love to f*** her

  • If you are going to make up BS, at least put a little time into your post and make a good story.

  • Also, learn how a dictionary works!

  • Just share your address or contact and she would pay a bigger price for your non sense.

  • I'm here now put your wife on so we can talk!!

  • How can I help you I would love to talk more

  • Describe her. I am 10" long and very thick

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