Wife's panties

Love leaving wifes used panties in places for guys to sniff mmmmm

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  • I would sniff and get rock hard then wrap them panties around my c*** and smoke my throbbing c*** until I shoot my big load in them

  • Im reeeeeeeealy sorry daddy ok i love you sooooooooo much daddy ok im wos luck for you daddy pleeeeeeeeeease not leaf daddy ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx huggs you daddy

  • You my little girl going to be fine.

  • I'm reeeeeeeeeealy sorry daddy ok I love you sooooooooooo much daddy ok an you go agen daddy ok I tuck sumding out shop daddy ok couse frends mommy not by me it daddy ok and she smaked my bum in shop daddy ok and peple saw daddy ok and say it to frends daddy at home ok and him smaked my bum ages daddy ok and tuck of diper daddy ok I not wont go scholl daddy ok and I haf go daddy ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I wont sday home daddy and Im not talk to girl in scholl daddy ok ofur my mommy daddy ok

  • You are sick. Both of you disgust me

  • My wife said to me one day that she could not find a couple pairs of her panties , She thought they must be stuck in the washing machine , I checked it but they wasn't . Any way next time she done the washing they reappeared she thought she was going mad , This went on for a while then one day my sons best friend who was a teenager never spotted me in my room . He went into are bathroom took the lid off the wash basket then rummaged through it until he found some of my wife's dirty panties , What he done next i could not believe . He opened them up looking at the gusset then he put them to his nose , Then he looked about to see nobody was around he put them to his nose again then pulled the crutch open then licked them . He put them in his pocket then went down stairs , The very next time he came around I told my son I was popping out but went to my room to watch him again . This time he done the same thing except returned the pair's he had taken previous , When he had gone I examined the panties that he returned you could not pull them apart because they was covered in s**** . I never told my wife but when he came around I noticed how he would watch my wife , Looking at her legs and backside trying to look down her top or up her skirt . The last thing i caught him doing was looking through the glass panel on top of the bathroom door at my wife showering .

  • How does it make you feel? Angry? Turned on?

  • Mixed emotions at first anger yes but now I want him to see more , I watched him spying on my wife again this time she was asleep and he was looking up her skirt lifting the hem so he could see her knickers , That's what I thought until I noticed sue was not wearing any

  • Been that guy love my buddies wifes panties and his 3 daughters panties! You can see how long his wifes c*** is and how big his daughters are! Really intoxicating j********** and tasting p****! One day she was out side mowing as i was just stroking my c*** tasting the moms p**** juice! I got her toy out and licked the cream off of it! I came all over the floor and like an animal lapped up rope after rope of j***! I called my sister and she snuck over to watch and see what i was tasting! Love c** and being naughty!

  • Get help. Now.

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