Small p**** husband now my dog my lover.

My husband of eight months has such a small p****. He even has a hard time keeping it in me when having s**. Once he c*** he is done and I have not even started to become aroused. I can not feel him and I have no sexual satisfaction from it.
One day I seen how big our dogs p**** was and over time he has become my lover. My husband likes to watch and does not mind. The dog does a good job bring me to my o*****. I have finally found some thing that full fills me sexually.

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  • How often are you making love with him.....?

  • I had no idea this would generate so much chatting. To the negatives, you should not put me down for my interests and needs. My question to you is WHY are you reading this if you disagree so strongly ???? You must have a fantasy or WHY would you read it ????

  • WOW!! You are so sexy! I wish you were MY wife!!!

  • Sick muthafooka!

  • How big was your husbands d***??

  • I didn't know this would generate so much chat. To answer your Question he is only 3 inches when hard.

  • I really love perversions. And yours is a thoroughly delicious one. Thank you!!

  • Your husband is lucky. I wish I had a wife as sexy as you. Damn!

  • Good job at least the dog satisfy you sexualy dont let other peopl ehere to intimidate just continue doing
    what breed is the dog ?
    are you open and curious to try other aniamls ? a pig maybe ?

  • Necessity is the mother of invention.

  • You must swallow all of his c** and taste your dogs sperm

  • Let me guess.. y’all are from Kentucky, Virginia, Arkansas Oklahoma.

  • Omg this is all just so HOT!

  • I'm in a Dom/sub relationship with my boyfriend. Normally I wouldn't be into dogs but he's into b**********. If he's being dirty with me he'll have me get on all fours and let the dog mount. Sometimes he makes me get mounted infront of friends to humiliate me even more. I feel so inhuman after. It's increadibly humiliating but the o****** I get are amazing.

  • Yeah, feeling my doggie's swollen knot rubbin n turnin on my g-spot always makes me squirt.

  • Sounds so h****. Sadly I can only get my dog
    To like my private parts. It’s soo good gives me the best erection ever.

  • You are so lucky!! I WISH i were in your place!!

  • Humiliation is so hot. A vanilla person will never understand.

  • Mounted in front of your friends or his?

  • Moslty his but he has made me do it infront of my own friends including a couple of coworkers.

  • Super fucken sexy!!

  • I agree with ^this^! I love you!!

  • I would never admit this in front of anyone I know, but I will admit here that I have had that particular urge on more than one occasion, so I know where you're coming from (no pun intended). I've wondered about the mechanics of the process, and about knotting, and how the c** feels inside you, and about whether the dog gets to where he will try to mount you when there are other people around (or gets to lapping at your c***), but mostly I kind of fantasize about getting a knot. Can you tell us a little about how this all works?

  • Same for me. I've always wondered what that would be like. ALWAYS. I've just never had the nerve to follow through on my urges.

  • If you want to do it, just go ahead and do it!

  • God how this is disgusting!

  • Ewwwwww. B********* is seriously messed-up s***.

  • Dog and his b****

  • You are one of the most hot women alive. wow!

  • …...omg!! …………… are such a sickfuck…... such an incredibly incredibly SICKFUCK! stop this! you must do so! you muststop this now! NOW!

  • You are incredibly sexy. And your husband is a lucky lucky man.

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