Walking the dog

Me and my wife would drive to a wooded area only about 6 miles from where we live to walk are dog , We had been doing this for quite a while the dog liked it has did we . One part of are walk there was a clearing where cars would always be parked , One evening we was walking passed this area and noticed a group of guys standing around one car . At the time we didn't know what was going on , Any way we crept into a better position to watch .There was a woman and a guy in the car that's when i noticed she was showing her t*** to the audience outside , Her husband put the window down to let the guys grope his wife at that stage I new this was d****** . We both noticed the guys was playing with there selves , You could see the lady in the car quite clear at that stage . There was the sound of a car coming down the track the couple started the car up and left , At that stage the doggers seem to vanish has did we . When we got home we talked about what we had witnessed it seemed to turn my wife on we talked about it many times my wife got a kick out of it . A few weeks later we got dressed up and went out for a meal on are way back we passed the area where we saw the doggers , I said to my wife do you want me to drive down the track . My wife said No so I said ok then she said if you want too you can so I drove down the track , When we got there we was the only car there it was late my wife looked disappointed . So I stopped the engine and i started fooling around with my wife , Then all of a sudden head lights coming down the track my wife looked nervous. I said do you want to go my wife said let's just stay for a few minutes , The car pulled up behind us there was one guy in it . My wife was shaking I kissed her that's when I heard his door shut and he was walking towards are car . He was standing next to my wife's window my wife would not even look , So I started undoing the buttons on her blouse when I got to the last one I told her to take it off . She was sitting in her bra now shaking I said take it off she did , I put the window down my wife was shocked his hand appeared through the window squeezing my wife's t** I noticed his p**** was out . I told my wife to look has she did it was sticking inside the car my wife just froze then he spoke he asked if we would turn the light on , I did he crouched down to look at her and told her she was gorgeous . I told him he can touch and look nothing else he said can I see more , I asked my wife to take her knickers off but she was having difficulty do in it in the car . I said just get out and do it then get straight back in , The guy opened the door my wife stepped out then took her knickers off I said take your skirt off she was naked all but her shoes . I got out opened the tail gate told my wife to sit on it I said to the guy if you want you can relieve your self on her legs. , This went on for a while when he was close he moved closer to my wife . I was now in shock she grabbed him then carried on with the hand job until it was all over her t*** , I think we are hooked now

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  • That is hot/h****. I would love it if my wife would agree to d******. I would like more true stories...... ray.jones@tutanota.com

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6AZNywvF-s

  • I walked a dog once. Nothing strange happened

  • I'm bisexual i would love to f*** you both

  • Your wife is my s***. Her p**** is my s** toy. My big c*** will make her forget her name.

  • You have a very good wife and pubic s*** you are a very lucky guy. See if she will allow guys to have s** with her and c** deep inside of her and you can lick her p**** clean after you get home. I wish i was there for the fun and games with your pubic s*** wife

  • What would you do If you was there

  • I would f*** her roughly

  • Yes it is healthy for marriage. If you want you can record me and your wife at your home . Want that?

  • Sounds hot I'm not sure , what do you have in mind

  • We all will have s**. You me n your wife. Then I will eat her p**** and you will fill her mouth. Then I will f*** her in doggy really hard and deep. She will moan loudly and you will j*** off and record. Are you into?

  • ????

  • Yes sounds good

  • I am so big right after your answer yes. I want to f*** your wife so much !! I will make her forget her name. Yoı want?

  • Yes I want

  • Omg !!!! How old is she? Tell me what she looks like and body. And how will we keep in touch?

  • 33 , attractive 36 -24- 36 , sexy legs firm b****** shaven , dresses sexy

  • Damn hot !!! Really!!!! And how is her p****? Meaty or slim?

  • Tight ,what's your thoughts interested

  • Slim

  • My thick c*** woukd make her slim lips wide open.... want?

  • What do you suggest

  • If she is there we could talk? Want?

  • Right now I jizzed bcoz of the thoughts about your wife in my head. I will come in her p**** and you will eat it ok?

  • Tell me more

  • Is she there then?

  • If your wife is there I can tell her how I would thrust my hard c*** in her and she would scream out with pleasure, then you will clean up after by sitting underneath while my milk drips in your mouth, then you will lick her clean for me! Then I will go again on her!!

  • Sounds exciting.

  • This is a fast way to lose your wife

  • No it's not, it's healthy for a marriage!

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