It's Getting Weirder and Weirder

It was supposed to be a one off thing. Something we'd do just once just to see what it felt like. My best friend and I decided to suck each others c****. We were both a bit drunk and feeling a bit down. We're both in our 50s, still in pretty good shape, still interested in s** but our wive's aren't either of these things.

So we did it and it was no big deal. Just a quick suck so we both would know what it felt like to suck a c***. Then a few weeks we decided to do it for a bit longer, just to get a better idea of what it was like. A few weeks after that we decided to see what it was like to have someone c** in your mouth.

It was always the same, just to see what it was like and over a few months we graduated to full on s**. It became a regular thing every Friday night when our wives were at their book club together. We'd stay home and f*** and each time we went a little further.

Our wives have no idea. Nobody would ever imagine the things we get up to. We look and act like any other two middle aged men. We just love f****** each other.

But it's getting weirder and weirder. Now I wear a long blonde wig, a mini skirt while he f**** me doggy. Our latest addition is a pair of fake silicon t*** that he likes to hold onto when he's f****** me. He says I look just like an ugly woman with a great body and he likes f****** me better than he ever liked f****** his wife. He said I suck his c*** better than his wife or any other woman ever did.

I feel the same. It's better than any s** I ever had with my wife even before she let herself go and became fat and ugly and lost interest in s**.

It's worked out perfectly. I love him f****** me up the ass but he isn't that keen on it so I mainly just f*** his mouth. We both love sucking each other's c****.

Since we bought the wig, the dress and the fake t**'s we've been so excited we've started taking risks and I'm terrified one day soon we are going to get caught. My friend doesn't seem to care and he says we'll just move in together but I don't really want to live with him like a pair of old gay guys.

We both know the risk we're taking but we just can't help ourselves and the s** just keeps getting better and better.

Sep 11, 2018

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    Will hopefully give you aids

  • You're an a******.

  • Welcome to Sodom where your every perversion becomes a reality. I feel for your wives.

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