Now I'm a w****....

My boyfriend is off at college, he comes home about once a month. I went with a friend of mine to a party friday at an old boyfriends house, and got really drunk and sick. After throwing up, I went to my x's room and laid on his bed and passed out. i awoke later naked with him fondling me. Before I could do anything he was inside of me and we had s**. afterward he got up and left the room. I started to pass out again, when another boy came in and had s** with me. Then another and another. I think 6 total. The girl I went with dosn't know anything about it. I don't know how to face my boyfriend now.

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  • Face it, after your ex f***** you, and the next guy came in you wanted to get f***** again. but you are not a w**** your just a s*** that got g********* by a bunch of guys. it is what it is, i'm sure you know this already, after your little p**** got stretched for an hour you were probably wishing there were more than six guys there.

  • Not a w****, just having a good time s** is natural an fun

  • The truth will set you free!

  • I don't remember if I told my x to stop or if I just tried to push him off of me, but once he had s** with me and the second boy came in, I just laid there, not saying anything. I didn't want it to happen, but once it did, I didn't try to stop it. I don't know why not. That's why I'm a w****. I wasn't supposed to be at that party to begin with. I am going to break up with him, so I won't hurt him worse with the truth..

  • Did you ever at anytime tell them "NO" or "STOP"?

  • I had a similar situation to this. Didn't involve 6 guys, just one - but that doesn't really matter. I was still friends with an ex after our breakup and went over there for a party, had too much to drink, passed out on the COUCH, NOT IN HIS BED. Next thing I know Im waking up naked in his bed and when I started moving around trying to get out he grabbed me and started trying to fondle me and start things. I asked him how the h*** I got in his bed and he said when the party died down his roommates wanted to watch a movie so he had his friend Jeremy pick me up and carry me in there. I guess my ex took care of undressing me and taking advantage of me. I was 20 at the time and just tried to pass it off, but it's something that's always bothered me.

  • If it was really recently, go to the hospital for a rape test kit. Get some s**** and other stuff for evidence. Otherwise your side of the story will be subject to major speculation. You need proof. But being drunk enough to not make proper consent is good enough for date-rape. If anyone is too drunk to say no, it means no. I've seen guys and girls both win a verdict due to that.

  • A w**** usually gets paid for s** and you did not mention getting paid- only throwing up. I would be more worried about disease and getting pregnant than an upset boyfriend. I would also be more worried about those you hang around that feel it's OK to f*** a passed out drunk girl.

  • You are certainly not a w****. And you should call the cops. Somehow somewhere it is going to come out that you were on that bed and that they had s** with you (they are pathetic by the way).... IF your bf finds out then, he'll think you are a w****.. This was not your fault. Getting drunk was stupid, but that did not give them the right to abuse you.
    I hope you are doing fine and won't have any consequenses from this happening... Good luck. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

  • Your not a w****! I'm a male. I couldn't count how many times I passed out drunk and woke to someone having s** with me. both male and female. It's not like I chose, I just didn't stop it.

  • whoa if thats true you should've called the cops on those dudes. thats rape even if you're drunk, and especially if you're passed out. don't be afraid to tell your boyfriend because you weren't cheating...unless you just let them do it.

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