I love showing nude pictures of my wife to other men

I have a lot of pictures of my wife of 30 years starting from when she was 30 and beautiful until about 5 years ago when she is mature and hot. I love another man j********** to them. I've sent some by email and shown them in person some also. I get so turned on watching another man going through the photos and j**********. I've traded pictures with other husbands also and it's pretty hot looking at another mans wife nude or in panties. I love panties and have a lot of pics of my wife wearing them and nude of course.

Sep 19, 2018

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  • Let's trade pictures. guitarsg69@gmail.com

  • Showing your wife nude to other guys is a huge turn on. It is very arousing to show them so other guys can look, comment and m*********, making her appear slutty for them. What this does I believe is reasure to you that she is indeed hot and that other guys desire her and would like to f*** her. I know that this is how I feel exactly with my wife. I have been with her since we were both 15 years old and I have always found that I enjoy guys comments on her, good, bad, hot and Slutty doesn't matter. I love her to bits but have always enjoyed showing her. Ever since we were both 15 my friends have told me straight that if they ever get the opportunity that they will f*** her and I have always encouraged them to do so. We have not been down that road yet but I am very excited and keen at the prospect of seeing another guy or guys thrusting their c**** inside her and edjaculating inside her. I would love to see her enjoying herself in the throws of a very powerful climax as a guy is emptying himself inside her. Hasn't happened yet but I am so desperately trying.

  • I feel the same way and have been showing many men nude pictures of my wife.
    We both met when we were 15 too. She was a Virgin when we first had s** at 15. I had many nude pictures of her when she was between the age of 16 and 19. Several of my friends saw the pictures and all of them said given the chance they’d f*** the h*** out her. The pictures came up missing many years ago, I’m hoping someday I’ll find them online that whoever stole them still have them are now sharing them with others. She has been my wife now for over 20 years and I still enjoy sharing them to other guys.
    When you get a nice car you love showing it to your friends and even let a few of them drive it.

  • Couldn’t agree more, show mine all the time

  • I have done the same. Only thing no faces. Even I have shared the f****** videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played on such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments.

  • I love sharing nudes of my virgin fiancée with strangers. They see how fit my fiancée is, her round ass, firm breast, and her shaved virgin p****. I love knowing they’re jerking off to all of her pics, but especially her p****. I love knowing that pics of her virgin p**** makes other men c**.

    I want them to desire taking her virginity more than anything! I want to permanently denied the chance to be her first. I want someone to desire my fiancée’s virginity, and to own it forever.

  • I've done the same. I have hundreds of photos from tasteful to sleazy s*** that explicitly shows everything my 42 year old wife has. I've shown some buddies and a couple neighbors without her knowledge.
    What makes it really hot is that she's a professional, modest woman and poses only because I've worn her down over time. She's very pretty and it's really hot to see her on her back with her knees in her armpits or bent forward spreading her asscheeks wide apart. Photos of her with d***** are also hot.
    I'm thinking about expanding her admirers to one of her coworkers.

  • I have done the same, showed her to friends and strangers from the internet, and was eventually caught. I still want to show her off tho.

  • Jimsanders100@yahoo.com

  • Taking my wife to a bar a few drinks and getting her to show off her t*** has always been a challenge. Getting her buzzed at home then taking her for walks on the beach after midnight started to work. He didn’t mind walking with her blouse unbuttoned and exposing her t***

  • I'd like to see her and show you my wife nude to hear your comments. I love showing her off alone or with me.

  • Text me her pics.

  • I'd love trade photos with you

  • Let’s do it

  • Like to trade pictures guitarsg69@gmail.com

  • Sure rquest@requesttechnology.com

  • I am happy to trade

  • Do it. Show her coworker. That would be freeking hot.

  • Does she know?

  • Like to swop pics? email me please joe-1966@live.com

  • Do you swap her as well ?

  • I love to swap wife pics with other husbands, tonyynot66 (at) yahoo.com

  • Let's swap pictures guitarsg69@gmail.com

  • Swap some with me at mic@europe.com

  • Ok guitarsg@gmail swap pictures

  • I’d be glad to show off my wife in exchange for yours. Kevhard10@gmail.com

  • Love to share

  • Rquest@requesttechnology.com

  • Let's exchange pictures. guitarsg69@gmail.com

  • I love a man who isnt afraid to share.

  • Let’s do it please send to rquest@requesttechnology.com

  • And I will send back

  • Me too.

  • Dam love to trade pics

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