Rape fantasy

I love hearing about rape fantasies from a male point of view. I hate stories from the girl's point of view and I hate it when the girl starts to like it. I don't like overly violent stories, but I can't get enough of detailed descriptions about how a guy feels when he's raping a woman. Drugged, forced, whatever- as long as its 100% non consensual and I can tell the guy is super into it I f****** love it.

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  • Ok, first of all, you know that's illegal right? You'll got to jail, and the only one who'll be getting rapped then will be you.
    Second, it's and a****** move to rape some woman. I mean if you can't find someone who will f*** you, then you need to go pay a prostitute.
    And third, rape fantasies are just that, fantasy. Meaning both woman and man are willing participants and they act out their fantasy. They get the thrill, and no one gets hurt.

    With that being said, I had a girlfriend one time who was into rape fantasy. She went to the bar one night with her friends and when she left, I followed her. I had a mask on and when she got to her car I grabbed he and threw her into my van that I had rented just for this act. I tied her up and drove to the country where I ripped her clothes off and f***** her. All while never removing my mask. She got the thrill of it being real while still being safe. Afterward I took her back to her car and pushed her out of the van and took off. I never revealed my face to her and I never talked to her. She said later that it felt so real. I'm not into that, so I did it just for her.

  • I'll f****** rape you

  • I think you missed the entire point of the post where OP repeatedly says "story" and "fantasy". Idiot.

  • And you must have missed MY point where I said that's f****** ILLEGAL and wrong, you f****** retarded.

  • I agree with the person from earlier "you have missed the point!!
    You are clearly as thick as two short planks!
    You clearly meant raped when said rapped as an easy mistake as it is, you are clearly not reading what has been written by your self or original poster, also you meant "r*****" not retarded! You f****** r*****!!!

  • Maybe you should take your own advice you f****** grammar N***. It's "YOURSELF", all one word you f****** spineless d***.
    Now go f*** off in a different direction you f****** RETARDED B******!!!!!
    Oh, and don't play like you're some other person. I know you're the same c********* who commented before, and probably wrote the original post. H***, you're probably the spineless b**** who runs this f****** stupid site.

  • Yes' I made one grammar mistake, but no I won't do as you ask, as you are a degenerate retarded reprobate!! With clear anger issues and delusions of one's self!!!
    Go do your self a favor, punch your parents in the face for bringing you into the world!!!

  • Lol, I guess you shouldn't correct others when you make grammar mistakes yourself. Lol

  • How about I punch you in the face instead. Right after I get done f****** your momma in the ass.

  • LOL.. cute

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