I b***** hate people.

Never were good at conversations, but recently i just try to avoid them alltogether, even talking to another person annoys me to the point of wanting to wreck their face.And the only thing holding me back?Laws.The worst part is i have to still live with family that consists of parents, younger brother of age around 5(i am 21 at the moment of writing this, born in 1997), and grandma that's always mumbling to herself and is most likely slowly going crazy because of her age.Why do i still live with family?Because it's pretty much impossible for me with my "circumstances" that are personal to find a permanent good-paying job where i live, still trying to save up enough to move out, at least, and then go to another country(i mean, USA is an option, i can speak english more or less, or i wouldn't be writing that here).But i feel like i'll just snap and f****** murder these annoying pieces of s*** soon, i even don't understand recently but i hate every living human being, even myself to some extent.

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  • Even though if would tell you. Disliking yourself or.. hating is such a waste.
    Words might prob not be heeded.
    Your words contain such luster..

  • You're a sociopath.

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