H**** WIFE

My wife is always H****!!!!!! She can’t get enough s**!!!!! I can’t keep up and also I am rather small, so she f**ks other guys. She has a couple boyfriends that she f**ks on a regular basis but she has f**ked plenty more then just them over the past few months. She LOVES black men but in all honesty as long as they are “well endowed”, she is all in. I know she is f**king at least 2 different guys she works with as well. She has told me that I can watch sometimes but never seems to happen. She also lets them all go bareback on her.

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  • Your and her parents must be so proud of you two!!

  • Why are you two still married?

  • Lucky you ! She got any free slots in her diary 🙃

  • My wife and I always talk about her f****** 2 black men at rhe same time we both love to make this happen

  • There's nothing better than seeing your wife getting f***** by a Black Man

  • Have not had the chance to watch. She has done it MANY times but she never shares with me.

  • Just an fyi, black guys aren't any bigger than white guys. Ask anyone with a black guy for a boyfriend. I figured you wouldn't know that being all of probably 15 years old and still living with your parents.

  • Actually I am 42. But hey thanks!!!

  • Well at 42 I would think you would know by now that black guys don't have bigger d**** than white guys.

  • I will do her too as you said and but I really want you to be there and expect your wife to say what a loser you are

  • Why am I a loser? Cuz she f**** around on me??

  • Ofcourse not i was just trying to add some spice as your wife description made me c**

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