I'm so h****.

I want to cheat on my husband. I want to be f***** by a different guy every night for a month straight. And two guys at the same time once a week. I want it all. A*** deepthroat. I even want every guy to finish inside me. I want to be every guys favorite c** hole.

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  • Your well on the way to being my favorite

  • Were you at I'll help you with that

  • Let me know and I'll arrainge it

  • You are truly magnificent. I love you. Your husband is the luckiest man alive. Does he know that? Well? Does he? I wish I was him.

  • While i live i really want rape to become so that i can teach a good lessson to these kind of bitchhes and whoress

  • Good for you girl! Nothing wrong with liking the idea of c** running down your legs as you greet your husband

  • Contact info please!!! I’ll f*** You HARD and DEEP like the f****** w**** you are!!!!

  • Question: why haven’t you straight away shared your email id in your post if you really want this to happen.

    Honey you are a good social worker you know that and you deserve to be rewarded with lot of c** inside you in every hole you bitchh.

    Now be a good girl and share your f****** details and be ready with your legs wide open

  • That's never going to happen, as 'she' is actually a 'he'

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