Lame ass 17yr old stepdaughter is the worst

My stepdaughter just turned 17. She first lived with us 3yrs ago but she wouldn't go to school and after being informed she was absent 65 days! She was moved into her grandmother's house. Still didn't go to school. She has mental issues and was routinely seeing a doctor about those issues. She moved back in with us last year. Moved her also delinquent bf in as well. Her dad has told the kid he has to go. He shouldn't be responsible for her bf too! Her dad doesn't want him here. She just flipped out fighting with her dad. Wow dumb b****. So the stepkid and her bf are just freeloading now, eating up all the food. The bf mom is a f*** up so she seems ok that he lives here. She has the biggest attitude problem with anyone. Everything is an argument. Last year she got in my face about something that was none of her business, had nothing to do with her. She physically attacked me! Her dad has told her to leave, said she can move out but she just tells him no and what can he do about it? That he "has to" take care of her. I can't stand her or her bf living here even more so since she came at me like that. It would be so different if they went to school! She has basically a 5th grade education. She now has a very part time job at some gift shop. So she does make money but has never helped buy food or pay rent, bills nothing. She doesn't clean anything other then the room she has. We have 1 bathroom yet she never cleans the m***********. But wait there's more. I expressed the very real reality of her chances of getting pregnant to everyone even her long ago when we still spoke. Now her dad tells me she is fucken pregnant. Well wtf did anyone think would happen. Her bf obviously has hit puberty..he is so young though his voice hasn't changed yet! Apparently the dumb a**** are choosing to keep the baby!?! I am outta my mind. WHY? Her bf will not be around much longer, I can see this even before learning she is pregnant. She is so fucken ignorant. She can hardly read. How could she read important information in regards to a infant? I don't talk to her. But I'd guess she waited 2or3 months before saying anything. This is horrible news for all of mankind! This entire family is just beyond comprehension and I need to move the h*** out of here. Thankfully I didn't marry into this s***. Stupid stupid people.


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  • She moved away shortly after this post. Her and bf moved out of state, nearly Mexico. She just had her baby. Now she keeps calling up her dad to send $$ only 4 months to go till she is 18yrs. ugh.

  • Let me deal with her. i promise she would straighten up.

  • Mate cut all ties and gtfo of there!!!

  • The eating of food. Waiting to poach new groceries. THAT p***** me off.

    It looks like a s*** show. Start saving coupons for diapers. The next money sink hole.

  • Give her a spanking.....

  • Lmao

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