Me and my pretty panties

I have a confession, I like panties and spankings! Me and my sister grew up in Massachusetts which is very strict in social norms yup you won’t see any baggy pants there one day when I was 13 I saw my sister undressing I was like wow and my p**** was rock hard, but seeing her naked boy wasn’t enough I got jealous that she wore pretty underwear while my was boring and white so later when she was like at her friends house I would sneak into room and put on her panties and pose in the mirror pretending I was sailor moon ha! In the name of the moon I will...

My sister was standing in the door was speechless
I begged her don’t tell daddy because when he got angry he got angry!

So she said if you wanna be a princess I will have to treat you like a princess I said I’m okay she grabbed me by the hand and took me to the bathroom mind you she was a lot bigger then me and and 17 the turned me over her knee and wore my princess butt out with a hairbrush I was so delighted because my parents did not discipline is like that and I would see other boys in the shower at school and all of them would have smoking red bottoms I kinda felt left out, so I would try to spank myself at night but my arms got tired, after my sister was done she promised me she would keep it a secret I cried not from the spanking but bc she knew I wanted to be a girl

Later that summer she invited me to a slumber party at her friends house,
My sister gave a a nice pair of sew thur panties and bambi pjs I was so estatic when we got there we did the usual stuff play games eat Pizza try on make up ha! I made a mess of myself I was so h**** the whole time here I am 13 surrounded by girls in there bra and panties my sister said that she had a big surprise for me and that today they laid me down on the bed They tied my legs upwards and they started paddling my f**** I could see it turn a starburst red I loved it I said harder so I was flipped over and one of the girls used a belt I could see my bottom turning black and blue I screamed but inside I wanted it Next is the crazy part i said yes I want to take it like a princess they just looked at me one of them said are you sure? I looked up and said yes so they whispered among them self’s and one of them went outside and she brought back her pet pony little hooves... they spread my legs wide open and rubbed there v***** juices on my butt hole the pony smelt it and ran his tounge up my b******* and licked up the juices and I saw it... his big pony omg it was huge and it stood straight up and he jumped on my back and prodded my but with it... then he shoved it in my eyes watered as the pony started tearing my ass hole he thrusted once then again I could see the blood as I screamed out ahhh i raised my head he went deeper and I could feel his b**** pounding my b**** I grit my teeth and I felt something warm and gooey inside me I watched his p**** fall out and swing side to side, I wanted my I was untied and I got down on all fours and worked on his half state letting it side around in my mouth another glass of juice please I could see his b**** tense up and squirt again I pretended to be a pony neighing about apparently he got excited and grabbed me with his front hooves I lowered my head and raised my f**** in the air and I took it all 20 inches letting it tear me open I loved it I fell asleep worn out from being made a horses b**** I felt so warm I woke up and my legs were raised I was being baby Lotioned and powdered for a diaper I had pretty panties put back on me and my bambi jamies pulled up I was so happy and I totally had you read all this bs while I’m taking a dump at work,
Blah blah blah Blah this is just filler this is just filler this is just filler this is just filler


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  • You take a computer into the bathroom with you at work?

  • The ending is gold

  • I'd have spanked you..

  • Wtf no WTF

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