Wearing panties

When I was 11 years old my mother dressed me up as a girl for a Halloween party at school. She put make up on me, lipstick, nail polish, fixed my hair real pretty and just before I left for the party she said "We forgot the most important thing. Here is a pair of my pink panties, Put them on because with that full short dress and those big flare slips your undies are going to show. You wouldn't want your white cotton boys underwear to spoil the effect, cause you really look like a pretty girl." She handed me a pair of very pretty pink panties and I put them on. I got a h****** right away and my mom noticed, and said, " You really like the way my panties feel don't you? When you get back from the party just hand wash those and hang them in the bathroom and when they are dry put them in your underwear drawer, they are yours to keep.' I'm 70 years old and I'm still wearing panties. I have had girlfriends give me panties, two wives who are now deceased give me panties, and I have bought many, many pair for myself. I am currently wearing white and black sissy panties with black lace and two black bows with white polka dots, they are sexy, but not quite as practical as briefs or bikini or hipsters. I only wear nylon or silk panties. I don't really care for cotton.

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  • My wife dressed me today ( my birthday). She started with a fat butt plug then black nylon bikini panties with lace trim and a matching black lace bra. She said when I get home tonight she’s going to give me a birthday pegging I’ll never forget. I can’t wait I’m so excited already.

  • I don’t care for cotton ether. I’m wearing nylon bikini panties that my wife laid out for me today.

  • My wife lays out her pretty panties and bras for me to wear everyday

  • Nice I like that

  • I think you should add a pretty bra with the sissy panties your wearing

  • Daddy im realy realy scared were are you. i love you so much daddy xxxx


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  • Im a mommy and would love too have him over my knee...

  • I would love for you to catch me wearing your panties and bra so you could put me over your knee and spank me. Then dress me all up and make me go out in public with you for punishment

  • Look at your age stop this non sense at once . Need ti remember god now you have played your innings now start preparing for death

  • Wearing panties for 55 years myself. both wives knew, they bought panties for me as well. Like you, I wear them everyday and am wearing them now; VF pink ravissant with lace around the legs. First wore panties borrowed from a 6 year old friend growing up. I didn't understand why my underwear was boring white cotton and hers were beautiful, soft, silky things with pretty flowers and lace.

    I had a girlfriend in high school who would allow me to come to her house and play dress up in her clothes; panties, petticoats, slips, dresses, skirts, etc. In exchange I would pretend to be her boyfriend at school and at her house. She was gay and didn't want anyone to know. I loved the deal. She would help me dress and we would spend hours making out, as they used to say. No s**, it was about the illusion for her and the clothes for me.

    If you have not tried on a pair of panties, I dare you. You will be hooked. My wife likes how h**** dressing makes me and everyone knows, crossdressers make the best lovers!

  • Interesting

  • My wife dresses our 9 yo son in girls clothes short shorts and tight tee shirts most of the time. He has a dress hanging in his wardrobe and we play dress ups. He resists but usually making a game out of it works. We are keeping his hair reasonably long so we can brush it too look like a girl. Every couple of weeks on sunday we will drive about half an hour from home for a picnic and we will have him wear the dress for that.

  • I want your sons boipussy I LOVE little boys wearing panties, do you have pics of him?

  • Well

  • I'd love too spank him

  • ? panties or no panties.!

  • Panties. Whats the fascination with no panties. esp on a 9 yo boy bits would hang out. It's tough enough training him anyway. We try and encourage him to see it as the modern way and that girls can wear boys clothes so boys should wear girls clothes too.

  • Whats he look like...

  • My son loves wareing my panties and when i spank him him he gets an erection. hes 10 years old...

  • Mum any pics of his erection or him in panties?

  • Mum , any pics of him in panties I would love to see his c*** too

  • Will you spank me pretty please if I wear your panties?

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