My desire to watch another man f*** my wife

Well at first I was confused at my strange desires and embarrassed to talk about them but one afternoon we had friends over for a backyard barbeque and Susan was talking to Greg a friend of ours looking up at him and laughing at something he had sais with her hand on his forearm and it all of a sudden hit me.
The hole thing was completely innocent and all with no flirtation or anything but My chest became tight and I was having trouble breathing and although I felt jealousy consume me I also had a monster h****** watching them talk.
I was wearing cut offs and My h****** was outlined so I grabbed a towel and held it in front of me as I hurriedly went inside.
My god what had come over me all of a sudden I looked out the bathroom window and Sue was still laughing with Greg and me h****** was not going away so I quickly jacked off watching her through the bathroom window.
For days after that the picture of her with her hand on his wrist invaded my thoughts at work but I was driving for UPS so I managed to get by but in the evenings I would catch myself fantasizing as I watched her doing dishes or something and once I went in and got behind her and bent her over the sink and f***** her as she laughed asking what had come over me lately I was always h****.
This went on for several weeks before I confessed to her about my desires and she thought it was very funny then she turned to me and asked what is it you want hon do you want me to f*** him ??
I was not ready to commit to that but in truth I think that is exactly what I wanted her to do but it took me awhile to admit it to her and she asked if I was serious and all I could think of to say is I think so.
She asked me if I was unhappy with her for some reason and I told her no I loved her very much and all but this fantasy kept intruding in my mind so maybe I would like to watch her with another man.
She made no promises but agreed to think about it even suggesting we see a counselor or something but I was to embarrassed to share my desires with anyone other than her and she said if we do this I want it to be with someone we don't know so we began to talk about our dilemma and we searched the internet finding dating sites then wife sharing sites that we began to go through and we talked as we watched some wife share clips and Sue was beginning to enjoy this now.
Someone mentioned Craig's list and we went to the male adds finding guys that screwed wives and there was one guy that lived in St. Helena about 30 miles from us so we answered his add he looked in good shape and claimed a 8 inch c*** and Sue had never had a c*** that size and wasn't sure she could take it but he assured her that she could so we agreed to meet and talk to him about it.
Darrell is older than us and is an interesting guy and we talked openly about what he dose and he wanted to know if we were serious about it and I was a little surprised that Sue said yes we are we have discussed it many times and we were ready to do it now.
He looked at me and said I live just a few blocks away if you are sure and have discussed all the possibilities I don't want to break up a marriage or anything.
Sue stood and said OK.
God this was going way to fast now and I was no longer in control and I was no longer sure this is what I wanted but I was caught up in her excitement .
Way to soon we were at his apartment and I was trying to decide what to do and Susan was talking excitedly now bubbling with energy as I parked beside his car and he took Sues hand leading her into the house as I followed with them laughing and talking and all I could hear was a loud murmur my ears were ringing so loud and my head felt ready to explode from the pressure inside my skull .
He had a massage table set up in the bedroom and I looked at the bed fearfully but I had lost control now and was just a spectator as They were talking again and Darrell was telling her what to do then Sue put her hands behind his head and pulled him down to kiss him.
I watched my guts tied in knots as he unbuttoned her blouse and she shrugged her shoulders never once glancing in my direction them he unzipped her skirt and she pushed it over her hips along with her panty still kissing him her b****** crushed flat against his chest.
I felt light headed as he helped her up on the table on her tummy and Sue was laughing a little breathlessly now as his hands began to roam all over her backside his fingers slipping inside the crack of her ass with her giggling like a schoolgirl then he began to pour oil on her back and work her muscles and Sue moaned in appreciation moaning as his fingers did their magic and I was watching almost holding my breath . Darrell took a long time with her shoulders then his hands wandered down her back and slowly began to roam over her ass cheeks as Sue OOOed and AWwwAed then his fingers once again slipped down the crack of her ass and Sue squealed and her body jerked as his finger slipped into her and she laughed now in embarrassment and he cooed relax babe and enjoy Sue was breathing heavy now and her body began to respond to him saying that feels soooo good her voice husky in her throat and I thought she is going to c** soon.
but I watched now transfixed on what he was doing to my wife as her body responded to his manipulations until she said I,m going to c** then she grunted pushing back against his probing fingers and her body shook uncontrollably for long seconds as she came gasping for breath then as he slowly fingered her with her body still convulsing he glanced over at me and said man she sure c*** good then he helped her onto her back and began to no longer pretend he kissed her and she responded to him pulling him tight against her and Darrell began finger f****** her again to her gaps of pleasure then he was sucking on her b****** as his finger plumbed in and out of her p**** in rapid stokes as Sue responded to his thrusts eagerly crying out in pleasured grunts then she was C****** again .
Darrell began to take his clothes off in a hurry and when his c*** fell free Sue grabbed it and sucked him into her mouth sucking noisily on his c*** but Darrell was in a hurry now and he pulled her body down the table lifting her legs up over his shoulders and with her knees over his shoulders he lifted her ass off the table and sue guided him into her then with a rush his c*** went b**** deep into her and his ass began to thrust against her and her b****** began to swing in wild circles as he grunted with his powerful thrusts the room was filled with the fishy smell of her p**** and his male musky Oder He came deeper in my wife than I ever have and twice more that day I watched then go at it.
I watched her marvel at the size of his c*** and suck his b**** hungrily and she even without looking at me agreed to meet with him again and Now I no longer am as curious I might just let her go alone this next time and I now am what you call a cuckold but I am still uncertain if that is what I want anymore but I cant just tell her to stop once she has began to enjoy it so much


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  • I've watched my wife with other men and women. Watching her with guys is more arousing. I shoot massive hard loads after watching her engage in sexual activities with others .

  • I wonder how hot your wife looks

  • You’d like seeing how hot my virgin fiancée is.

  • Love to see and comment.

  • Show me.

  • I am no longer unsure and maybe this just another urge but I have found myself closing my eyes and replaying their get together many times and after she went alone to meet with him that was all I could think about and I must have jacked off 5 or 6 times that day waiting for her to return home to me.
    Whe was a little shy about telling me everything they did but I wanted to hear everything but was a little p***** when she told me she had sucked him off and she swallowed his c**. She always spits mine out.

  • Would it help if a neutral person spoke to her on some of your issues?

  • I would be embarrassed to ask someone to talk to her about it.

  • You need to get her on here before this gets out of hand

  • Maybe if she heard it from someone else?

  • Again then someone else would know besides now she has met with him twice more.

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