The s** became borinng

My wife was never very sexual. In the beginning I tried to work out what turned her on. I would aske her and we would try things. Slow and gentle and I had a lot of patience. Make sure the house is tidy, the washing up in the dishwasher any distraction taken care of.

She didn't like talking during s**. She didn't like me to touch her b****** and certainly not to suck on them. Whispering in her ear distracted her from focussing on getting aroused. Anything the least bit adventurous was not on. Sometimes she liked me to go in and then we would roll over with her on top but as she had such difficulty in o***** then we would roll back over and she would tell me to finish off.

Gradually s** became her duty. She never denied me. All I had to do was say I would like s** and we would do s**. But it was so cold and boring. She would go into our bedroom and pull back the blankets so the bed only had the bottom sheet. She would lay out a towel to catch any dribble. She would take off her pyjama pants but leave her top on as she did not like me to touch her b******. Then she would lie on her back legs apart, he hands by her side and her mouth open. I was allowed to kiss her and put my tonge in although she did not like it she knew I wanted to deep tongue kiss. She would have the lube on the bedside table. I would lube up and push in. I would kiss her and f*** her. It would be completely silent. A hang over from earlier in the marriage. If I did talk she would say "shh concentrate on enjoying yourself".

Then I would c**. After I pulled out we would wipe off the mess and lie beside each other. I would have to put a towel over me and between my legs like a diaper to stop any and c** getting on the sheets. Then I would pull the sheets and blankets over us and we would lie beside each other and within seconds she would be asleep.

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  • Buy her a LARGE “intact” male dog & keep him in the house. It’s just a matter of time before you will hear her singing around the house.

  • Kind of like an animated blowup doll.

  • I married a girl a met at church. It was quite a fundamentalist church and the submission of women was an important issue. My girlfriend and later my wife was quite serious about being submissive. We never had s** until we got married and then had s**. We would actually practice her being submissive just like the op describes. I would simply say go and prepare for s**. She would sometimes ask how would I like her. She would take all her clothes off and lie on the bed and I would kiss and grope and basically handle her like however and then f*** her. Her point was that it should be all about me. That her role was to ensure my enjoyment and fulfilment. Eventually though I too found the passive sort of behaviour to be really un arousing and I could not get it hard. Eventually we separated. By then she was totally non sexual.

  • S*** if that is getting to boring for you well move the f*** over I'll take it all for myself,I don't mind alot of peace and quiet when I f*** my girl

  • You know it could be fun except the whole of life was so disengaged. She was not into me. That gradually eats away at ones self esteem.

  • Need to f*** some one else right infront of her perhaps her friend and tell her she is a loser and you will keep on f****** her friends like this way

  • Sounds like my story exactly

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