Hi guys, I'm a frustrated virgin guy who loooves little girls. I really like preteens, and would love to lose my virginity to a little girl, maybe 8 or 9 years old. Any advice or offers?

Oct 2, 2018


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  • My cousin was 8 she was my first

  • Hey don't listen to them mate. I think littlle girls from 6 are so sexy. Good luck, I haven't had much luck

  • Any from toddler are sexy

  • Here's a tip, go to your nearest police station and turn yourself in

  • Your sick b****** leave LITTLE girls Grow up 18 is great ok

  • It is what they want

  • Yes but the question is why do they want it?

  • Well im almost 12 and my dad does stuff and never forces me. hes the best dad ever xxxx

  • You have been given wrong information about it a father is suppose to protect his child from evil but he actually on daily basis he rapes you with your consent

  • My dad does not force me ok and he is the nicest dad ever my mom is dead hugs xxxx

  • Your mom is dead doesn’t mean that he will place you in her place . I understand you have nowwhere to go but ask your friends do their father do the same stuff to them or it is just you. Why would i care you are no body to me keep on getting fuckedd

  • He told me its our secret since i was little and he is not mean or anything hugs xxxx

  • He told you this for his own good not yours, he is actually a pedophile. The stuff that he do with you is suppose to be done by your husband or boyfriend that too when you are adult 18+ . The soul of your mother would be in great pain as she watches all this. A father raping his own daughter. Your father is a sick person and danger to society and to you , take some to your teacher or some where else.

  • Please dont give out to me kkk and my dads not a bad person. im not in school because i got into a fight with another girl in my class and hurt her. im out of school for two whole weeks. my dad said he is going to spank me each time before i go to bed early and im freak grounded for two weeks also hugs xxxx

  • Hmm....may be you have adapt to this and everything is okay till it is your consent in it moreover he is only support you have and putting him in jail would be punishment to you as well, but society will never accept your relationship so yes keep it a secret. okay trouble maker it is time for you get spanked and turn your butt into water melon

  • Who are you talking to and why are you saying that to me. i am not been mean to you. are you a boy or girl hugs xxxx

  • I am talking to you, I am boy. Yes you mean nothing to me but as a human being I advised you, take it or leave it is up to you

  • Im saying why are you being mean to me. i only want to talk and thats all. your the the one whos being mean to me and saying about spanking me. im reeealy bored and it sucks alot being grounded. have you got a girlfriend hugs xxxx

  • No I wasn't rude to you I was just trying to awake you as you are just a child. I didn't knew that you are so p***** by spanking and all that stuff. It is just a matter of time as you said two weeks I wish I could something about it but I'll pray for you. I had a girl friend we had a relationship about 6 years than she married another man and I have no one to spank

  • Hi and tanks. i dont like being spanked and grounded. but it is what my dad does when i get into trouble. you seem reeealy nice. i miss my mom alot sometimes hugs xxxx

  • I don’t have my mom and dad either. Do you have a boyfriend at school?

  • Im sorry you dont have a mommy or daddy. i never had a boyfriend and i reeealy wish i had. you seem so nice and i wish i was your girlfriend hugs xxxx

  • Thanks, you will have plenty of them don’t worry otherwise i am always available as an option to p*** on haha

  • Hi are you there and im in bed now and my dad spanked me kkk it reeealy stings alot hugs xxxx

  • Hi and im reeealy sorry ok hugs xxxx

  • Hi are you mad at me hugs xxxx

  • Hi what do yo mean to what on hugs xxxx

  • No why would i be mad at you i just went to sleep and sorry to got spanked again i wish i could give you bum massage and spank again haha. Come to google hang outs it is difficult to talk here

  • Night hugs xxxx

  • Im sooooo freak bored hugs xxxx

  • Hi you are funny and i wish you could rubb my butt. my dad used my hairbrush also. i do wish you were my boyfriend also hugs and luv you xxxx

  • Me again, anyone here in UK. Love to meet some sexy little girls.

  • Hi im 11 hugs xxxx

  • Hi, where you at?

  • Hi Mr are you there xxx

  • Hi we live in Peckham hugs xxx

  • Hello like hugs xxxx

  • Sorry i thoght you daid what am i at hugs xxxx

  • Im in my room and my stupid mom grounded me and spanked me and you boy or girl hugs xxxx

  • I'm a boy.

  • Hi and im 11 and my name is tanya and how old are you im sooooo bored and i got in trouble with my mom and she spanked and grounded me hugs xxxx

  • I'm in my 30s, & a volunteer. I'm sorry to hear you got grounded, I had that when I was younger. x

  • Hi and it reeeeealy sucks and whats a vountear for hugs xxxx

  • Ha I meant a volunteer. I work in a charity shop. x

  • Hi i was suppise to go to my best friends hose an all after school hugs xxxx

  • Hi my uncle does that also hugs xxxx

  • That really sucks! Does your friend know,maybe you can call them for a chat I had a busy day in the shop today, now I'm knackered xx

  • Hi you seem reeeealy nice and kind hugs xxxx

  • Thankyou. You sound a nice girl. How long you grounded for? x

  • Hi and a whole week like and i hate get grounded and spanked hugs xxxx

  • Hi and kkk will you talk with me again hugs xxxx

  • Yes I will, going to bed now, got tp b up early tomorrow sleep well. xxx

  • Hi and i wish you were my boyfriend hugs xxxx

  • Yes I'd love that too, I'm single right now, maybe you could be my pen-friend x

  • Hi boyfriend hugs xxxx

  • Hi and my mom free spanked me again a few minutes ago for kind of nothing and she is a total batch hugs xxxx

  • Hi like is that a pen pal hugs xxxx

  • Hi again, sorry I've not chatted for a while, been busy. Yes I meant a pen pal. Hope your not grounded again. xx

  • A whole week, that's really nasty. And being spanked as well, I had that as w kid, I hated it!!. I'll have to go now, my batteries almost dead on me! :-( xx

  • U a gal with 3 tight holes?

  • Hi and what you mean hugs xxxx

  • R u a girl with clean bald p**** hon

  • Ha ha im 11 hugs xxxx

  • Little girls are hot. I know what you mean mate. There sweet, young, hot bodies

  • How old and i have my two daughters here nude with me

  • Give links

  • I like preteens the best, 8-12 years mainly. Are they still with you

  • Me too

  • Yes here now in panties...

  • I love girls in panties. What colour are their panties? I'm trying to imagine what's hidden inside!

  • Their white and a little tight and so leg off panties often slip in their bum cheeks and cameltoes..

  • Ooh mate, that is hot

  • Eldesds cameltoe is exposed..

  • Yeah, Ive been to a model train shoe today, lots if little girls to admire. (From a safe distance of course).

  • Hope you die soon.

  • Yeah so tight they are.

  • Im in bath with my daughter now...

  • Enjoy it. Wish I was there!

  • You got children. i had too spank her just a few minutes ago...

  • Sadly no, Im single.

  • Shes a sweetie and her little bum is so red...

  • How old?

  • Ten and she is sleeping beside me now in just t, shirt and no panties..

  • That sounds like bliss! Any chance of a pic?

  • Sorry friend no pictures. but would you like me to do anything else. i could strip her for you...

  • Yeah go for it. I'll be in bed soon, got an early start tomorrow, sleep well.

  • Maybe tomorrow we chat and good night...

  • Hi again, how are your little girls? Are they in their panties tonight?

  • Yes chat sometime tomorrow, good night.

  • Hope you both die you disgusting p*****

  • How do you get them to have s** with you?

  • No never done that but they are tight arent’t they.. you can try some candys or toys to lure them and then satisfy the devil inside

  • Yes like a bribe. Obviously be careful, or just admire from a distance!

  • Here's some advice... go kill yourself.

  • SICK F_UCK!!!!!

    This may be anonymous but I certainly hope you get caught someday and thrown in prison where YOU will get to be the little girl!!!!

  • I’m a little girl

  • How old are you?

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