I have s** with my horse every night

I was driving home one day from work the rain was pouring really bad typical Seattle weather I think I was going around a curve when something ran out In front of me I hit it, s*** s*** s*** I got out and looked at my car F*** it was mangled well not that bad, still expensive, (it was a new car) I looked over in the road I hit a pony I was p***** I was gonna run him over again, but he cried out and whimpered and my heart sank oh, I do have a big heart for Animals so I picked him up and laid him on the back seat and took him to the vet ahhh ahg!! another 800$ he had a broken rib they asked me how it happened I came up with a bullshit excuse he fell is what I said, so I took him home and named him spirit because he jumped out at me like a ghost that got his ass squashed, well me and spirit bonded almost too well he was potty trained he liked carrots and sugar cubes, I really loved him and I could see he loved me too, one night we were watching movie sitting on the floor because he done went and chewed up the couch and I don’t got no money again I was mad at him, I just bought that damn couch I was gonna take it back and claim it was damaged like that when I got it anyways so we’re sittin in the floor and he begins licking me, nothing unusual but this time he licked me on the back of the neck and up my earlobe, I tinged and tingled I giggled like the little girl that I am (ahem I’m a boy) I looked at him with his ugly horse face he puckered his lips I leaned forward and gave him a long deep passionate smooch, I held him by the legs oh spirit! I love you! We kept kissing and and I was rubbing his ear and mane he put his head down near my Crotch and took a big sniff oh spirit I yelled out bad Horsey what you think I am! I’m not, I looked over and saw his p**** unsheathing I was like wow that’s pretty big well I seen him pee before but I never saw the whole deal he um slept with me in bed all the time but it was so small but now it this big thing like a elephant in the room I reached over and stroked it thinking well nobody will know and I just wanted him to be happy, (I did hit him with a car after all) I stroked his p**** slowly with a full left hand grip I kept talking to him do you like it you naughty little pony his eyes glistenined they were so pretty and deep, I kissed him and he put his Tongue down my throat we. I was making outwith my pet pony and I loved it, his p**** got harder I leaned forward and began to suck on his p**** omg I could hear him moan and squeak, he put his hoof and the back of my head like I’m some kind of pony b**** but inside I was. His. Pony. B****, his p**** flared and forced my mouth open wide like a dental device and he gave me a gallon of his love right down my throat I coughed and Choked I leaned over and threw up I was breathing hard, ahhh oh spirit I thought you were a pony at that moment he was nibbling on my pretty pink panties I said no! He neighed and got mad! He started to wimper my heart sank well uh I well I guess okay I already did one dirty thing I guess another is not gonna hurt I got on all fours like we play our normal games I could see his p**** swing back and fourth I pulled my panties down and closed my eyes I liked him licking my p**** and testicles I could feel him climb on my back, his legs spreading the back of mine the soft witft of his tail and mane rubbing against my body I could see his erect p**** dwarfing mine I Cooed as he nibbled on my ear I said easy boy at this point his p**** was prodding looking for my v***** hole, his p**** rested against my a****** I gulped and cried out as he stuffed his horse d*** into my little a****** his hooves griped my body tight, I was truly a horses b****, his p**** tore my bottom out with the flare doing extra damage he was so deep in me I could feel his b**** slap against mine with every thrust, he nutted in me I could feel my insides becoming warm and goowee I got weak as he laid on top of me we both fell over I kissed him and rubbed his belly I lifted his leg and went back to sucking his p**** and fondling his b****... I love you spirit five years later I’m married to that damn horse and he makes me his horsey b**** every night (meaning we have s**) we learned so much about each other I like it best with my rump on top to pillows missionary style I love him and we make each other happy and that’s all that matters comment below if you wanna know more

Oct 3, 2018

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  • Absolutely. F@&king. Mental.

  • Another perverted fantasy uncontaminated by punctuation.

  • Neigh ............................... nuh, it didn't happen did it, ur all bullshit?

  • Huh? My pony really love blow jobs😅

  • Oh you are such an unbelievably #sickfuck!!!

  • We even got married

  • Lol

  • Nah I’m I’m I love my little pony very much so it is unatural but when I’m together with spirt I feel so free

  • How about black bulls

  • Uh no I’m just really attached to my horse and we love each other in a unique way

  • Oh please your so hornyy so am I, atleast i can lick that beautiful pink flower at your crotch... hmmm yum yum

  • Ha, I’m in love with my little horsey so I’ll pass thanks

  • Alrighty sweetie you can have a really good time with your horsey, but one day i shall have my revenge.

  • You are so wonderful. I love you.

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