I want to hear all your stories of adult women f****** little boys and adult men f****** little girls so I can m********* over my four year old daughter and c** all over her.



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  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm 4 do you have "nice" pics of her I can see, I love tod p****

  • I really do like the idea of a grown woman molesting, fondling, sucking and f****** young boys. Im not exactly sure what it is but that s*** is HOT!

  • Can I c** on her too please?

  • Can i dress up as a 4 yr old and u can c** on me!!!

  • Hope you die before you cause your daughter or anyone else horrific harm. Die slowly, and painfully. Sick f***.

  • I know right. Can't believe this. Where's Child Protective services when you need them?

  • You there..

  • Don’t worry you would get plenty of content over here.

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