Boring submission

My wife found it hard to get turned on she especially did not like me talking. She said it distracted her. So s** was in silence.

Over time she gave up trying to get turned on and basically just did s** for me. She never denied me but it became so boring. If I wanted s** I just had to say so. Then she would lie on her back, legs apart, hands by her side. Mouth open ready to kiss.

I'd get on top. I would kiss and stick my tongue in. Then push in and f*** her and c**. All in total silence. Then pull out and hand her a towel to wipe up the mess.

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  • Ask her what she would like to explore. She has some type of suppressed fantasies. Open them up & revive your s** life.

  • Why don’t you f*** outside and let her be just a option

  • Because he isn't a selfish d*** like you. He is married a maybe the vows he took actually ment something to him

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