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I am a 23 yr female working in a “mans world”. I started my job as an Administrative Assistant about a year and half ago, straight out of college. When I started, all the other women told me to watch out for my boss because he is always doing something that definitely violates our Sexual Harrassement policy. Well don’t you know, a couple weeks into my job, he started. It started with coming up behind me at my desk and putting his hand on my shoulder. But he would rub my shoulder Ashe did it. I never said anything. After about a week of this going on, when he did that, he would start rubbing further across the back of my neck and down my back some. Right in the middle of the office I might add...that turned to standing behind me massaging my shoulder as he talked to me. All the while talking like nothing is going on. He would call me into his office to go over something and he would be sitting there legs kind of apart with a massive hard_on. Rubbing himself as he talked.

I had told my boyfriend (of 4 years) about this and all he says is I am blowing it way out of proportion and making too much of a big deal about it.

My boss is going out of town for a conference in a couple weeks and he has asked me to come along to learn more. I am nervous that he is going to attempt to seduce me into s** while we are gone. I want to succeed in this company but I don’t know if I am willing to do “whatever it takes” to succeed.

Any advice????

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  • Do you want to known as the corporate s***?
    Talk is cheap when the story is good and the tale grows taller as it goes on.

  • Is this a fantasy? No male boss has this courage to do this hose days...

  • I would say 90% of the story's on this site are bullshit. Including this one.

  • Easy record his ass then blackmail him.
    Then here comes your first promotion

  • Um, the easiest way to get a promotion is to sleep with your boss. What the h*** are you waiting for? Go f*** him before some other b**** gets hired, f**** him, and gets the promotion.

  • I would say to just do it.

  • You know you want his c*** in your p****.

  • Listen up you are lukin up for turn up from this fuckinn b**** just go over there and get laid nude by your boss whereever

  • Ride his c*** all the way up the corporate ladder

  • Report to HR and police and then look for another job silly girl. You wanna stay on until you manage to climb the corporate ladder? By then he would have already f***** you so many times. It is unbelievably stupid of you after happen few times. By the sound of this story, it is as if you love it when he does that & you cant wait for him to f*** you. Report & quit the job silly!

  • I was thinking the same thing. Sounds to me like she wants and likes it. Otherwise she would have already done something about it.

  • She obviously wants him to f*** her.

  • Yeah, quite and find a different job.
    You can either stay and play his games, or find a different job. That is your two options. Plain and simple.

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