Sand f******

I went the Marine Corps when I was 20 right after 9/11 I did 7 tours I just came home in January and what thanks did I get I got called a fake ass b**** at Dennys by the waiter, are you kidding me I’ve been shot like 4 times! And then the Manager would not even honor my military discount I asked for Because my ID I had short hair And now it’s October I havent shave my head since not only that I work at this job in Florida with a bunch of sand f******, I don’t call the sand n****** because we have too many n****** around here enough I haven’t been home a year and I’m already tired of blacks, there lazy, incompetent and needy wtf! America and then the sand f****** are worse yeah we blew up your country and I got paid for it but keep your hajabs and Allah away from me before I go crazy and blowup a hosp

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  • Being in the military is the wrong vocation for you. You need to sort out your attitude and a change in personality is definitely needed!

  • Draw your military pension and work another job. Vietnam vets had the same problems. DOn't make it worse by whining.

  • You need to grow up. Welcome to the real world

  • You just need a time out

  • You poor little person.

    You are so caught up in your tiny little world. Judging others and calling them lazy and being racist. Who the f*** cares and who the f*** worries about what a manager at Denny's thinks. Mind you I think he got it right.

    Open your eyes and look up and around.

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