Sand f******

I went the Marine Corps when I was 20 right after 9/11 I did 7 tours I just came home in January and what thanks did I get I got called a fake ass b**** at Dennys by the waiter, are you kidding me I’ve been shot like 4 times! And then the Manager would not even honor my military discount I asked for Because my ID I had short hair And now it’s October I havent shave my head since not only that I work at this job in Florida with a bunch of sand f******, I don’t call the sand n****** because we have too many n****** around here enough I haven’t been home a year and I’m already tired of blacks, there lazy, incompetent and needy wtf! America and then the sand f****** are worse yeah we blew up your country and I got paid for it but keep your hajabs and Allah away from me before I go crazy and blowup a hosp

Oct 6, 2018

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  • Sorry to hear that dude. The US is rapidly going to h*** with all these sandniggers like you said. You'll pull through. None the less, thank you for your service in the armed forces.

  • The US already is h*** between the MAGAts and the little "woke" kids, both sides screaming all the f****** time while making the situation far worse than if they'd just stfu once in a while. Extremes are what tear apart any institution, and the worst perpetrators are always the ones who are 115% sure they're Right and everyone else is Wrong.

    Why do I even waste time pointing out the obvious? You retards will either ignore or ridicule it. God, I wish we'd have a REAL pandemic, one that only took out the willfully stupid!

  • Or would you prefer the current Plandemic?

  • Why is it that racists never know how to spell?
    Why does the military give guns and training to mentally unstable people?
    And what in the screaming blue fvck does this have to do with religion, jarhead?

    That's all I'm taking away from this.

  • Being in the military is the wrong vocation for you. You need to sort out your attitude and a change in personality is definitely needed!

  • Draw your military pension and work another job. Vietnam vets had the same problems. DOn't make it worse by whining.

  • You need to grow up. Welcome to the real world

  • You just need a time out

  • You poor little person.

    You are so caught up in your tiny little world. Judging others and calling them lazy and being racist. Who the f*** cares and who the f*** worries about what a manager at Denny's thinks. Mind you I think he got it right.

    Open your eyes and look up and around.

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