Passive agressive unengaged s**

My marriage was on the rocks. Looking back I now realise that for a long time my wife has not been into me. Pretty much the only time she would reach o***** was when we were away from home. About once every three months I would book a Airbnb somewhere romantic. While we were there we would at some stage have s**. It was pretty risky I had to be very very slow and patient and gentle. Touch her on the shoulders. Absolutely don't touch on b****** or between legs. Very gentle kiss on the mouth but no tongue. And no talking. Other than at the start to say how beautiful she was. But once we started she said she found any talking to be distracting.

In between times she would never deny me s** if I asked for s** she would let me have my way with her. The problem was it was so unengaging. She didn't enjoy it and never orgasmed. She did it out of duty. If we had not had s** in a week she would say something about me needing relief.

The way this would work is she would pull back the blankets on the bed and put down two towels. Then she would lie on her back on one of them and have her legs apart and her arms by her side and her mouth open.

I was allowed to do almost all the things that I was not allowed to do when we were trying to get her to o*****. I could run my hands all over her body. Touch her t*** and handle them. Put my hand between her legs and feel her up and put my finger in. I could kiss her and stick my tongue in. All the time she would lie there passively and quietly. The only thing was I was not allowed to talk or grunt or make any noise. Then I would get on top and push in and f*** her until I came.

Then I would pull out and she would pull the towel up between her legs to catch any dribble and I would have to do the same and pull the sheets and blankets over us. I would kiss her on the cheek and thank her. She would say something like I hope that helps you relax. Then she would fall asleep.

A few months ago she said she was leaving me and moved out.

At first I was devastated. I asked her why and begged her to come back. She said she does not love me and does not even like me. wtf.

Anyway recently I found another woman. What a change. This girl enjoys s**. She enjoys kissing and playing tongues. She enjoys grinding against me and me against her. When we are in bed she will ask me to spoon her. Sometimes we just touch and kiss and grind for ages all fully clothes. We send flirty messages to each other. So much better.

You know the weird thing is I hope my ex finds someone she is happy with. I don't mind whether that is a person who helps her find her inner sexual self or maybe its more of a soul mate where they enjoy eachother without s** or the feeling of being obligated to do s**.

For now though I am having a f****** good time

Oct 9, 2018

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  • Awesome for you! And honestly it's good when we are able to only wish our ex well. It means we are truly free of them.

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