I f*** deers at night!

I get off work and I go hunting in the woods, but I don’t have a gun I’m after a young doe’s p****, there’s plenty of deer where I live I run thur the woods at night and catch deers with no hurting them traps like loops around the foot and nets then when I get them I wrestle them to the ground and take that deer p**** after I f*** one about an hour I’ll nut inside her and let here go! Yes run free my pretty I’ll be back tomorrow night and your tail will be my delight!

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  • I've f***** three. It's great!

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  • This is spam!

  • Yeah, well I wrestle hippos! I win!

  • P**** is p**** I ain’t care about no Disease

  • You must be talking about a woman

  • Wtf wtf wtf Wtf WTF!😂

  • You are a lie and the truth is not in you. You also can't spell or form a sentence. You have to be a certified idiot. There are over 20 different bolvine diseases you could get by having s** with a deer. If you were, you wouldn't be bragging about it. You would be to sick. Your a certified level One Idiot!

  • You got trolled!

  • LOL, you critic his grammar but don't know the difference between "YOUR" and "YOU'RE". Not to mention "You are a lie", rather than a liar. Oh, why did you capitalize One Idiot mid sentence? One would think its because it is being used as title but then why didn't you cap "Level" as well? Just saying...... practice what you preach or we will think You're a Level One Idiot too :)

  • No you don't do that. Deers are too strong to be handled like that.

  • This type don't struggle...

  • Deer s*** I have ways, it also pays to be 6 foot 5 I trying to emphasise I like the struggle

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