My brother's girlfriend is a worthless sullen c***

This stupid b****.

I've bent over backwards to try and accommodate her. Since meeting her, she has been nothing but trash. I've known her for several years now, and the three of us have been living together for about two. Letting this stupid f****** piece of w**** trash into my apartment was the worst decision I've ever made.

It was clear at first that something was wrong. When it was just my brother and I, we would sometimes watch netflix or whatever together. We both enjoy anime and have similar tastes, so we've watched a lot of stuff together. This insane b**** wasn't just jealous of what my brother and I were currently watching, but that we had seen other stuff together BEFORE EVER MEETING HER. So watching stuff without her gradually stopped, and then watching anything together gradually stopped.

I thought at first maybe things would be different once we got to know each other better. My idiot brother loves this garbage w****, so I wanted to make him happy and at least get along with her. For her 21st birthday I took her out to a pretty expensive lunch, just the two of us to try and bond a bit. She ate my f****** food, drank my f****** beer, and then on my birthday I didn't even get so much as a 'Happy!'

Time goes on, and she's always at my brother's and my apartment. All day, every day. She has some s***** dorm at Uni that she never stays in because she wants to be with my brother all the time. My brother wants her around too, and this is right after we managed to move out of our parents' house, so I want to indulge him and let him have his girlfriend over as much as he wants. This f****** w**** MOVES IN, staying over for days or even WEEKS at a time. After MONTHS of putting up with this, I say that she has to either start paying rent or start spending time somewhere else, and the r***** tries to refuse! This stupid f****** a****** d****** has been living in my apartment, using my water, my electricity, watching my tv, using my stuff, and then gets angry when I say she's got to pay her way! Me and my brother ended up fighting because she complained to him about it.

And this f****** s*** just goes on and on. I've made every move to accommodate her. I've made every effort to try and make her feel welcome, or that she can talk to me if she has a problem. I've sat down with her and my brother both to try and work something out, because this worthless infant won't ever, EVER speak up if something's bothering her. She just takes whatever you do that annoys her and stews on it and acts like you're doing it to her on purpose. You'd never even know you were doing something to upset her, because she just harbors it and resents that you can't read her f****** mind.

Of course this b**** wants to move in and be on the lease so I can't kick her out. She begs. She pleads. She PROMISES that she'll talk to me if she has a problem, that things'll be different, blah blah blah. I'm weak and we need the help with the rent, so fine. Okay, _fine_.

Nothing changes. Now she just b****** about even more things. When I come home I'll give a general 'hey' because they're both invariably together, but she's mad because I don't greet her _specifically_. Okay, so I make the trouble to say hey when we meet each other, except she doesn't. She doesn't ever do that. She never f****** greets me specifically, or even f****** talks to me if she can help it. That would be fine with me if she never spoke to me again, but no, that's my fault too. She doesn't say anything, so I don't feel like I should say anything.

She's a f****** hypocrite about everything. Her things or food or whatever are off limits, but she doesn't hesitate to use anything of mine when she f****** wants to. She wants to be greeted personally but then will blow right past me without a glance. She wants all the special treatment in the world and expects you to know it, and resents you when you don't.

I wish she was dead. I wish she would die right now. There's no way too awful or gruesome. There's no pain too great to inflict on her. She should be punished. She should f****** die in agony for being such a s***, worthless person. I hate her and will hate her forever and even if she was in agony until the last star burned out it still wouldn't be enough. If whatever demon or devil came before me right now and promised that I would get to watch her f****** suffer from now until the heat death of the universe I would sign that seal in a f****** heart beat.



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  • Throw acid on her

  • She is a typical self entitled, spoiled, using female. Sadly there is a whole generation of them

  • It's not just the females, little incel. Look in a mirror. Dry your tears first so you can see clearly, possibly for the first time in your misguided waste of a life.

  • Well, you are clearly very jealous and resentful of the fact that your brother loves this girl. I think we are all wondering why you would choose to live with your brother rather than make space for you to find a partner of your own. Your brother should not be a substitute for finding own partner.

  • That so long I got bored reading it. Can you paraphrase please. Key points and without embellishments

  • Bitch treats poster like he was her brother. Thinks it's okay because family members do things to each other that they would never do to a stranger or other relative.
    So she's worked her way into both of their lives. She probably learned that behavior from her mother.
    As tough as it could be. Don't accommodate her with the small free stuff. Get a larger shaving bag that you keep all your toiletries. Shaver, brushes, toothbrush AND the toothpaste. Just don't share that crap. Cite germs/health contamination. Shampoo can be mysteriously empty but your hair is great
    It's a pain to put it all away but it is a step.
    Don't do her laundry. Keep the fridge semi empty so food isn't free. Plan on collecting groceries no more than two days ahead of preparing them. You are at the store all the time but less food will go bad in the fridge.
    In general act like you are the only one living there. Sorry bro. If she's worth getting married to they need to live together. Heh. Start putting the heat on them to get married. That should force them out. Sorry bro. Her or your home. Not both.

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