I want to be raped as an 8 year old girl

I want to be an 8 year old girl who gets picked up by 2 strangers and forced to suck d***, bent over and have my virgin cherry popped, they can lay me in bed and wear out my p**** and a****** at the same time I’ll cry afterwards I’ll get a nice long spanking, taken back home with a duffel bag with a million dollars inside of it with a note that p**** was so good here’s a small Fortune!

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  • So you're a 72 year old man who wants to be an 8 year old little girl?

  • Really I’m 20 but yes I want to be a little girl

  • Hi and im 10 that person is silly hugs

  • Ur an idiot, a man has posted the main comment. Wake up you fool.

  • Im here too help out. i get hard spanking our daughters..

  • How many daughters?

  • Five...

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