What happens when you tell your friend you have a p****

So when I decided to become a woman I was really torn about it, even though I’ve been wearing bras and panties for years,

now that I came to the conclusion that I’m never gonna be happy with a p**** in my pants soo I had it removed, now I have a p**** and I’m very happy the doctor said in a few weeks all the muscles will be fully healed then you can start having s** I’m like okay that’s fine so I was looking in the mirror in aww because it’s so tiny... I told my best friend and he hit on me I’m like hey were friends but I’m not into guys beacuse I’m not gay he stopped me there but your a woman now that caught me off guard yes I am a woman but I’m not sucking your d*** so he said your a lesbian then I was like no I’m not then I was like oh s*** I did not think that
Through a few weeks went by and me a him were sitting on the couch at my house normal Things he said when are you gonna show me your p**** I’m like no he kept bugging me so I said.... FINE here I unzipped my pants and showed him a quick peek he said I wanna touch it I sighed okay you can next thing I know he was spreading my lips and fingering me I was like oh that feels good I guess I’m not a lesbian he picked me up and took me to the bedroom where I sucked his d*** omg my best friend for over 20 years now I’m sucking his d*** but on the inside i enjoyed it my p**** was throbbing I was so h**** he laid me on my side and rubbed his d*** between my p**** lips and pressed into my v***** it hurt a little bit but the way he was controlling me, slapping my behind it was, all I wanted, we did lots of different position between the sheets and he nutted on my face... I cried afterwards because now I’m h***, but he told me that’s not true because I’m a woman now I hugged him and kissed him he was right I love my best friend and I love it when he pounds my v***** were getting married in the spring

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  • This is so f****** complicated

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