Mother in law caught me sniffing sister in laws panties

When first married we lived with her mothers parents and sister she was 16 year old school girl i took a pair of her panties and went to our room i put the panties over my head with the crotch which was stained with damp p**** juice i started to sniff and found this gave me a terrific h****** i started to w*** myself still tasting and smelling the p**** aroma i was just about to c** when a voice said what the f*** do u think u are doing i looked around it was the mother in law rita i gasped and stuttered not knowing what to say she smiled and said dont worry i wont tell your wife but u are going to have to f*** me tlll i c** she said her husband was not given her enough c*** rita was in her late thirties nothing to look at big t*** and sturdy legs i did not have to be asked twice i plated her f***** the a*** of her then finished of with a*** she had not tried this before she squelled with delight the best f*** i have ever had i lived in for 2 years f****** the mother in law twice a week

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  • And want to f*** her

  • Iv done that

  • Can you give me her address i like older women, they are so hornyy

  • F*** sister in law as well no problem

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