I hate having a p****

I am grown African americon adult and the world only cares about my t*** v***** and ass wtf I’m a smert intelgant woman who can make it with out these it sucks that man is only thinkin one thing about me my v***** t*** and ass I am so much more then more then that! Oh grow up youll never have a girl like me unless you got smerts

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  • 1) Welcome to being female. Put away the fvcking race card. God, how tiresome.

    2) After putting away the race card, pick up a dictionary and learn how to spell.

  • I'm a grown NON-BLACK adult and have the same problem. The crazy part is that once these t****** start sagging, I'll be treated even worse. It's a female thing, not a race thing. OP and those like her need to dial back the free-range whinging about race, they're not helping their situation at all.

  • You can’t reed

  • Obviously not intelligent enough to spell the word intelligent correctly.

  • Lots of other words, too. I'm thinking troll. Or recent head injury.

  • I'm thinking Nig.ger

  • You're not thinking at all, but your mouth is going. Funny how often that happens.

  • We will understand your pain if we were women and you will understand our weakness if you were a boy. Sorry sweetie can’t help it

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