I like deer p****

I get off work and I go hunting in the woods, but I don’t have a gun I’m after a young doe’s p****, there’s plenty of deer where I live I run thur the woods at night and catch deers with no hurting them traps like loops around the foot and nets then when I get them I wrestle them to the ground and take that deer p**** after I f*** one about an hour I’ll nut inside her and let her go! Yes run free my pretty I’ll be back tomorrow night and your tail will be my delight!

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  • Can I join you? Sounds good!

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o00vnGgcVx0

  • Http://pornspark.com/video/9628/deer-f***-a-guy-f****-a-stag-deer-stag-party-2010/?play=true

  • I'm calling Pita and Sir Paul on your ass. You sicko. Hey got any deer baloney.

  • Make sure that 'Pita' bread, is vegan approved 🤣

  • Wait till Mr. Buck finds out what your doing. He'll knock you down yank your camo pants and underwear down then stick his huge deer meat up in your hunter hole and nut up in ya. Then later you will notice your belly swelling up with a cute baby fawn. You'll make all the hunting shows with your story of love for deer meat. Maybe get to meet Ted Nugent. I'm sure he will be thrilled to have his fans meet you also. Hey you can pull down your camos and show them where the deer raped ya.

  • Oh man I like peed myself reading your response. Saturday Night Live could use you. Ted Nugent! That was great. Yank your camos down and get deer meat. Oh man!

  • I was going to ask if it feels better than human p****, but you wouldn't know.

  • Yes I would know I just told you, STUPID!

  • Actually, you didn't

  • At least I’m getting laid you ain’t n****

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RW3nDRmu6k

  • Do they keep struggling the full hour, or start to enjoy it ?

  • No it takes me about 15 minutes of wrestling, about that time they all quit struggling

  • I hope you encounter a lion and he fuckss you the same way

  • Not a Lion but a Buck you Moron. F***** by another deer. Jesus people are slow here.

  • Ha ha ha!

  • Yeah right, one can only dream right?

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