Broke n*****?

What is going on with the state of Arizona, all the black men here are broke?
I’m sorry but if you want a girl like me you gotta at least the very least have a job. I’m not supporting no broke n****, every one wants to hit on me but The n***** around here don’t even have wallets?,
get a car support yourself first then you can f*** me, I don’t care how gangsta you is or how big you are get a damn job

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  • FU coalburner!!!!!!!!

  • You drop 3 n_words then state they have to get a car. support themselves and then they can have their way with you. you have self esteem and self indulgence issues. seek therapy for the dysfunctional areas of your life before another black man is heemed up by another delusional white girl with a s** fetish.

  • Broke boys do not deserve p**** ever

  • I wouldn't want to date you Ms. Potty Mouth.
    You have morals, or greed. What do you want to be known as?

  • Date white. We gots money.

  • Awesome post! True dat!

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