I rape my cat

I have a male black cat I picked him off the street one day and kept him, one night I was so h**** I grabbed him and stuck my p**** right in his butt hole! He yelled clawed and bit me, the next night I trimmed his claws and made little restraints out of a wooden board and a belt... I tore his a****** apart lol he runs away from me every night but where are you gonna go? that ass is mine!



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  • So is he gettin p****

  • You're defiantly getting aids

  • Defiantly is missspeeled

  • The cat has to have aids to spread it stupid!

  • I hope that in h*** I giant f****** panther does the same to you for eternity

  • Thats f****** disgusting i really hope some form of animal protection takes your cat away

  • I hope Ceiling Cat makes him smother you some night, you cruel b******.

  • Bruh, if your going to have s**, at least do it with a HUMAN BEING. You're very sick..

  • You’re a very sick person, do you know it?

  • May god punishes you in the same manner as the poor soul suffers the pain. You think anybody would be proud after reading such horrible thing, bastardd have some shame if possible drop dead quickely

  • Your getting p**** and at the same time your not getting p****, the universe is gonna explode with this dilemma

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