Pervy landlord

When we first got married some years ago like many couples we rented , After some time we managed to find a place we could just afford and was ideal for us . Well at first we was happy enough the landlord was friendly sometimes too friendly he would say inappropriate comments at times , I should have said something to him but I thought that's just his way . Anyway we didn't want to rock the boat so we let it go . Things got tight with the money and we got behind on the rent , So we talked to the landlord and he was fine he said he would drop the rent a little and give us a little time to pay it . A few weeks past and we still owed him the money so he came to see us , He said he didn't want to evict us but if we was more appreciative to him he would give us more time . He shook my hand then leaned in to kiss my wife on the lips my wife turned away he said that's not nice , He said I think that's the least you can do I want a proper kiss he looked at me and so did my wife . I don't know why but I said go on kiss him my wife did half heartedlywhat to wear e stopped and said it you don't do it properly we will keep trying . This time they kissed it went on for ages when they broke he said that's better I expect that every time now then left . My wife was ashamed but i was strangely turned on it felt weird I never said nothing to my wife , This happened quite a few times then one day he said that the local strip bar has closed and he missed looking at the female form . Then he said to me and my wife if my wife did a little strip down to her underwear what he spends at the strip bar he would knock off are rent . My wife said No he said we'll you have a think about it i can help you if not I'll have to let you go , When he had gone i said don't be so hasty it's no different than being on the beach in a bikini but only one person his looking at you here . Eventually my wife agreed so the next time he asked we said ok , We agreed on the following night my wife wanted to get it over with . That day getting ready I said you must make a big effort or he will keep on until you do , My wife said I know I asked her if she wanted me to shave her so he could not see her pubes my wife said ok . She got all made up then said what do i wear I told her to wear her high heels and her black underwear the rest did not matter , My wife got ready then the landlord turned up he kissed my wife then said make it good . There was no music he told my wife to strip within minutes my wife was in her underwear standing there , The landlord told my wife she looked beautiful then said if you do a full strip I'll let you off a week's rent my wife looked at me for a answer . I said why not I was enjoying this my wife didn't know that nor did the landlord , My wife with no finesse took her bra and panties off he looked at my wife then said ok now a kiss my wife kissed him then walked into the bedroom then shut the door . Then the landlord left then said I think she enjoyed it , I went into the bedroom my wife was sitting on the bed I pushed her back then kissed her my wife responded I put my hand between her legs she was wet . Then things got worse after that night he was degrading at times

Oct 21, 2018

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  • My wife and I were as close to always flat broke after we first got married that often even eating was a problem. We rented a little 8' wide by 42' trailer for $180 a month. My job at the mill paid $2.17 and hour, she worked in a bakery for $0.75, so even $180 was tough to come up with.
    We got behind two months, I had $46 all told, he showed up. He was always nice, not bad looking and roughly 40 years old.
    I told the wife to be nice to him and look sexy, maybe it would distract him and it worked, we got a whole week to come up with the money. A week later, after cashing my check we had just $100 left, I gave him that and said she would dance for him for the rest. I had already talked her into it.
    He said "$100, that's it and I agreed, thinking I could come up with the rest somehow.
    She came out and danced, stripped naked, lay down, spread, the whole works.
    He got really h****, even took his d*** out, she looked at me, I just shrugged.
    "This means we are even, right?" She told him.
    For six months, she f***** him once a week for free rent.
    That gave us enough to move to a new place, so when he came over she charged him $60.
    Later she expanded her client base, on County Sheriff and one local judge, by then she was charging $100.
    We aren't married any more, but she still supports herself by hooking, which I guess is my fault.

  • I smell....bulls@&t

  • We will start again tomorrow! What time do you get up?!

  • I'm here now

  • Well go on do your worst

  • My wife had gone out all

  • Hello!!

  • Tell me more make it dirty

  • Has your landlord done anything else to sue yet?

    After new year's eve my wife became very shy and meek.
    The other two tried to get out of meeting us saying Kerry was not well I took them on there word.
    I went around about 6:30, and asked if she was alright, he said she was ill in bed!
    Before he had a chance to say anything I said I will see if she how she's doing then?

    When in there she was in bed but fully dressed, they had lied, this was not going to be forgiven,
    I went over and said she needs to be out of these clothes ! They both kept saying no it's OK, but I stripped her and told her husband to go to the shops and get medicine.
    When he had gone I told her never to lie to me again! Rolled her over and spanked her ass raw then forced her to dress in something smutty and come out for the night!!

  • This went on for a while then on this occasion we went to see him my wife strippers

  • I will continue, Does your wife enjoyed being degraded?

  • Yes

  • Then from now on I will degrade her! Put her on!

  • I'm listening

  • I want her to talk to me! And I want her to be naked!

  • I am here , I'm getting ready for work im showered ive applied my make up and blow dried my hair . I'm putting my underwear on I'm leaving in 30mins

  • Are you able to talk at work!

  • No , not really why what's on your mind

  • Go to the toilet so you can talk more freely I will explain!

  • You will be on your break soon we can speak then!

  • It is tomorrow sue! I will tell you more!

  • Go girl.
    Remember the mother in forest gump f***** the head master to get the kid into school.
    Trade s** for rent. Go for it.

  • Pay your bills.

  • I wish we did now he used my wife for his own perversions after that night

  • That's a good thing he is doing it because he cares about your wife!
    I could explain more?!

  • Explain more I'm interested

  • Well first, he wanted to kiss her first, then he made sure it was passionate.
    He doesn't want you two out! and he is also let's you watch!
    He is an alpha male and can keep your wife with security!
    Has he slept with her or not?

  • Not that I know of but he made her strip again but this time naked then kissed her he made her bounce her b**** then spanked her

  • What he is doing is creating something very special for her, it is a very deep love and I think you know this too!
    I think that you want this for her too don't you?

  • It makes me feel strange , Have you ever done anything like this, If so what

  • It feels strange but you want this for your wife?
    And yes I have!

  • Was it your wife , Or was you like our land lord

  • Like the landlord,
    How is she feeling right now?

  • Used , but I think a part of her enjoys it , what did you make the wife do , Tell me all no matter how perverted I need to know

  • I will tell you, if your wife is with you at the same time as you will both know what kind of thing to happen in the future OK!

  • She his here reading it with me

  • So what are your names?
    Mines Chris

  • Paul + sue

  • Hello sue and Paul fire away, what do you want to know?

  • You tell us everything you have done to the wife without any breaks

  • One step at a time!
    Her name is Kerry she's very bubbly and happy, as is her husband,
    At first we would all say hello and give a peck on the lips, then after a little while I would linger my kiss on her.

    Until on time I made sure he was watching, as a hello kiss that we frenched kissed for a good few minutes.

    Now Paul! Take sues top off and tell me what kind of bra she has on!

  • Black see through

  • He was shocked after the kissed but I brushed it off.
    I kissed like that everytime after that no matter who was there!

    We arrange a trip to the swimming baths with the children, we have communal changing rooms so before they could make up there mind I pushed him and the kids in one cubicle, and put me and Kerry in another making sure we both got to see each other nude.

    Take of sue skirt/trousers and describe her knickers!

  • Little black thong see through

  • While we were all at there house with his mother there! Kerry said she had heart palpitations, I took over and said put your arms in the are, as she did I asked if she was comfortable? She said yes, I said breath slowly I will check your heart rate.
    I put my hand inside her top, went under bra, and started fondling her breast and made out it was her pulse I was checking while groping and squeezing her t***!

    Take sues bra off! And describe her t*ts how big, nipples if hard? How pert!

  • Very erect dark nipples firm 36c

  • How pert!

  • One Xmas eve they were having friends and family round, as I got there I mingled and eventually went to the kitchen I asked for a Xmas kiss, as I did my wife said me first, so I gave her a quick peck on the lips, then it was Kerry's turn as I French kissed her I started holding her ass and head, and held her tight, from the back I lifted her skirt, and started rubbing over her knickers, there was quite a few people watching in a gast, I managed to get my hand up on her t*** and groped for a good 5 or so minutes, while rubbing she was very wet then u stopped and grabbed a beer.

    Take sue thongs of and describe her p****, in detail is she wet? How does it smell?

  • Tight bald smells sweet ,And yes very wet

  • How are you feeling sue? I will continue in a minute!

  • Ok ,very turned on , I need to know more degrading things

  • I'm willing to tell you as long as you keep doing as I say?

  • I will , Tell me a lot more make it disgusting

  • After Xmas eve they tried to avoid us for a while but this kind of love can't be stopped (as you will see) it got to the day before new year's eve, and this time talked them into coming to ours we were playing cards (poker) I fixed the deck and made sure Kerry had a great hand, but mine was worse after bantering I said if your hand is better I will kiss your ass everyone laughed and said go on then!
    I clearly lost and everyone laughed I bolted up and said well I'm a man of my word, they were all stunned and I pulled her jeans and knickers, and started kissing her butt hole, kissing then licking around her beautiful hole eventually tonging her ass and then ass f****** with my tongue for about one hour she came! and as I looked at her husband he looked scared, my wife couldn't look at me and that was how it got very interesting.

    Send me your email address x

  • Tomorrow , For now tell us more make it disgusting to finish tonight on a high

  • That was not the deal you said you would do as I say!?

  • Trust me it gets alot better!

  • Very they hardly move , Go on more

  • Let your wife pay the rent you just sit and let the owner do his job

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