Is my d*** big enough

I'm 16 since July and my d*** is 8 1/4 inches and 5 1/2 inches in girth. Can i be male pornstar with that size. Until what age does it growths. Does size matter?

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  • I hope for your sake you'll become a pr0n star, because you'd seriously suck as an author or professor.

  • You seem to have a nice big d*** for your age. But it is of no use unless you use it. You should be f****** girls three or four times a week...and f****** some boys as well. these precious young years will go by quickly. Don't waste them...use them....try to get your d*** sucked every day...yes, if you are cute and have a nice body, then you could easily do p****...and it is a great career.
    Lots of money and s**. Post your photo on off your assets...just tell them you are 18. Your d*** may continue to grow for another two years or so.
    It helps if you have large b****. How do they compare. P*** companies don't usually go for dudes who have big c**** nut no b****. there is usually some b*** licking involved in p*** films. Good luck

  • Yeah, bro. I think a full grown boy's d*** is like 6 inches, so you are doing well.

  • Yes you can be. F*** your girl and tape it and put it online the number of likes will answer your question

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