Panty sniffing...almost getting caught

My girlfriends bff is pretty hot and I have always wondered what style of panties she wears and what her scent smells like. The other day I was offered up to help her move some heavy items from her recent move to a new place. I was told to be there at 5 pm when she gets off work. I showed up on time then got a text from her saying she was running 30 min late. I replied that I was already at her place and waiting. She told me to go around back the door was unlocked and go in and get a beer while I waited.

This was the chance I had always waited for a chance to explore her laundry basket for dirty panties and to see her panty drawer finally. Her laundry basket only had a few items in it and two nicely scented thongs to my excitement. I put the best scented one to my nose and prepared to shoot my load into the other pair. I came in minutes with a generous load of j*** in the other pair the used the pair to my nose to wipe up the remains for the post explosion from my c***. I neatly placed them back into the laundry basket in the closet.

Off to her panty drawer to explore. She only wears thongs and G-strings! I had to have a pair to add to my collection so I took a nice pink lace G-string and hoped that she wouldn't miss it. After securing my treasure, I sat at the kitchen table and finished my beer. She came home and said thanks for helping and said she was just going to change out of her work clothes.

Then the horror shot though me. She comes out of her bedroom with her laundry basket under her arm and says before we move the stuff She wants to put some laundry in first! The panic that shot through me that if she grabs the panties that I shot my load in she will know what I did with them. I didn't know what to do....I froze. I could see her washer from the kitchen. I thought I was totally would I explain it? What would I say? Would she tell my girlfriend???? All these thoughts were shooting through my head. The moment of truth arrives....she grabs the contents of the basket all in one arm load and dumps it into the washer, adds detergent and turns it on. Just dodged a bullet. As relief shoots through me that I did not get caught I jokingly say...don't you separate your laundry first? She replies...naw I just wash it all together.....thank god for that!

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  • Hey, I'm 19 year old girl selling my dirty panties over on my Twitter page @MarthasPanties

    Go check me out, I can offer a more personalised experience too ;)

  • Why do we men want to f*** or gf friends I am all ways wanking over them lol

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