Why f****** me!

So I'm really starting to feel like my wife is deliberately trying to drive me crazy. We married 5 years ago and things were great for a good while. She was very adventurous and we had great times. S** was fantastic. Then a year and a half ago she was In a bad accident n had to have some surgical procedures and spent nearly a year on painkillers.... needless to say life changed. I know and accent that things will never be quite the same again but I hardly recognise the person she has become. She's bitter and angry and nagges all the time even though I do everything she askes from me and more. I go out of my way to make things better and she just throws it all in my face and makes me feel like I'm being unreasonable when once every month or so I ask politely if she would feel up to maybe having some s**... I have no idea what the f*** to do anymore and really just needed to get this out my head!

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  • Be honest with her. Yes the accident changed life for both of you not just her. Tell her you'll be there & these are the things you need in order to keep the both of you sane.
    Tell her you s** need, way to show her your intimate attraction or destress action is important enough to be addressed.
    A friend once asked me to flirt with her to show her husband she was attractive. Me being me, I pulled her husband into the rouse, we staged a fake fight at a function & he confessed to her he got complacent. Men are from Mars.
    Maybe buy her a new gown. Roses. Small public gesture that shows she's as important as your post.

  • So are you asking if you should cheat?
    If you are truthful in what you say about doing everything possible to be there for her I would say hang in there.
    I am in a similar situation, my wife is attractive but has gained some weight that makes her unhappy and I pay the ultimate price. The weight still looks good on her she is now more thick than anything.
    The s** is seldom and it’s excuse after excuse. No matter what I say or I do it’s never good enough. Buy her a very expensive purse, remodel the front bathroom, continuedly cleaning house a great paying job etc...
    But it’s ok if strangers (guys) give her a seductive smile when we go out.
    This really burns me but will only cause a fight between us. I’m not into pointing
    so I just drop it. I’ve let her go out with friends and have any relationship with her friends any chance she gets.
    I sometimes feel like there was another person involved but I just hang in there.
    Bottom line is if she’s ever been promiscuous she will be the one who loses.

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