My girlfriend is a w**** for Richel Xie

My Singapore girlfriend of 2 years fell for sweet-talking p*** Richel Xie and now works hotel rooms for money. Richel Xie started Dreamgirl Singapore to “empower women”. In reality this is nothing more than a front for him to groom girls for s** and get them to work hotel rooms for his seedy clients. Girls, don’t fall for this creep! Richel Xie is nothing more than a p*** enslaving impressionable young girls and it seems the Singapore police can do nothing to stop his illegal acts.



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  • Best person to ask would be his best customer, Ben Logan or Ben Sng. Man, that guy really know how to party! Think got one time he one person went and book 4 girls at the same time then bonk them in front of a lot of guys. This Ah Boys To Man now actor with Jack Neo , with wife and so many kids, still go xian all the event models and visit prostitutes outside, dont know whether the wife know or not sia. His Blink Events must be providing all the "training" for the girls, maybe he himself "train" the girls!! He well known spend a lot at thai club on girls one lei..really CEO BEN!

  • Disgusting!!! Predators like him should be locked up! Could be YOUR daughter next......

  • If you got the dough and you need a s***--why not??

  • Yeah- calls himself Bkoolz on Sammyboyforum. Knew someone got a girl from him- had to book 2 weeks in advance and pay for classy hotel too! P*** & scam artist.

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