13 year old pedophile...?

I guess you could call me "virtuous" as from what I have seen, that means someone who has a preference for young age groups but has never acted on that.

I'm pretty sure I know I'm a pеdοphile at this point. I am more attracted to things such as loli or girls my year rather than pоrn stars or a teacher.

I don't really know what to do with myself as I have a whole life to live but something that's completely out of my control and wrong is happening to me. It doesn't REALLY affect my life all that much but at times I go crazy knowing I'll never be normal and peobably act on my fantasies at some point.

I noticed that I was attracted to the younger age group around the transition between 2017 and 2018 as puberty started to become physically noticeable such as pubic hair. It only got worse when my 3 year old sister started not wearing clothes and I was turned on by that to a whole new level. Seeing a nаkеd 3 year old in real life was such a turn on but I knew, at that point, it had gone too far.

I was starting to get closer to her and having sexual feelings towards her but U have never even touched her, and I hope it stays that way.

Is there a cure for this? Honestly, at times it ruins my life and drives me insane to the point of suicide. Please tell me if there's a cure for this. Yes, I am actually 13. I have too noticed my way of thinking and self awareness is a step up from a normal person either my age or above but to take advantage of this, I want to get rid of this madness out of my life. Thank you for reading and, yes, I am willing to have extensive conversations about this.



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  • I also like younger girls, but not so young. My limit is 13 year old girls. The point is that some teenage girls (starting from 13 year olds) dress like a prostitutes (ultra short mini skirt, transparent clothes, sexy transparent laundry, 5-6" high heels, visible stockings or shiny pantyhose, a lot of makeup...), like they are calling for it. Not to even mention that they have unbelievably developed bodies. They literally look like a 20-year olds in my time and I'm in the late 30's.

  • I babysit a 3 yr old she has a lovely body

  • Do you have pics?

  • I want to f*** my nine year old niece and I'm just waiting on her to come sleep in the bedroom with me and my wife so i can sleep f*** her like I loved her passed out mother's p**** to I want to be her first f*** ever she loves her uncle

  • Are you there son...

  • Are you there sweetie... hun... pedo mommy wants to flood this confession with creepiness... please respond sweetie... hun....

  • It's just the modern era. Until a few hundred years ago we had a million years of young girls being married off to older men. You are just a product of evolution

  • First thing is that you are not the only one who suffers from this disease I mean we all have some extreme fantasies which might be against our human morals.I was very well able to understand your concern when you said that you are looking for a cure , so do I. I would say that it is you and you only or me or me only who had to fight from this but we become too weak as the chance comes. we have to stay strong for that you need to follow the path of righteous, I mean engage your self in good deeds in any form which will remove the dirt on mind. It has worked for me. I am a person who has a strong will to rape every woman on the planet earth and have sexually harassed many women and I do feel guilty about it. People call me pervert and sick , they are right tho. But I am helping myself to be a better human being. Remember one day you will not be able to control this feeling as it is highly dominating and by the end you will realize it it will be too late. Good luck and Thanks

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