Can i f*** my sister only once .. but f*** her good like 5 or 7 rounds at once ...

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  • Why only once?

  • I'm 13 and I have a randy little ten year old sister she is often sitting on my lap rubbing herself against me while we watch tv. I cant help getting hard as I like it but now she knows what she is doing she is putting her hand under her bottom and rubbing my d*** as well. I was in my pjs while she did it the other night and I spunked into her hand and she got me to lick it off. she is naughty but I like it.

  • You should get her to get naked and take pic of her then f*** her lil p****

  • F*** her all three holes she probably would love it I would

  • My sister is ten and i finger her. i feel bad when she gets into trouble as my mom and dad spank her bare butt and sometimes naked. but i get so hard looking at her.

  • Nice, any nkd pics of her, I love hairless p****

  • Knock knock fbi

  • Why do you get so hard looking at her what do you look at ?

  • Im 14 and i do feel bad though. but her bum goes from white to realy red and she kicks her legs like crazy and i see her v***** and everything. yhen she jumps up and down rubb her bum and i get hard. do you want me to get her spanked ha

  • Is she with you now?

  • Ye and i feel like getting her into trouble.

  • Good strip her naked! Tell me her you have ?

  • Im annoying her so my dad will spank her first

  • Will you finger her?

  • Hello....

  • I guess and she is starting to get annoyed and will say curse words soon ha

  • How is it going?

  • Hi again.

  • Are you there or what.

  • Are you there...

  • If she wants to, how old is she?

  • DPED her age 9

  • No...go get some help. you have no idea what you are talking about. it is better to kill yourself before you do that..

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