I think I’m obsessed with s**?

I’ve only ever had one partner and I lost my virginity when I was 18. I’m 20 now and still with the same person, but I don’t feel satisfied.. we don’t have as much s** as we used too and I’m constantly h****. I feel like I want to have s** all the time and he’s just not into it anymore.. I tried masturbating but it just doesn’t cut it anymore.. should I talk to someone about this lol?

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  • Try different things. One guy with a bigger c*** that knows how to use it. Find an ad then try Two guys. My wife did in college when she found out her boyfriend cheated on her. It wasn’t expected with two guys but her mind was made up to have s** with the first hottest guy that wanted to. He brought her home and then his roommate decided to pull out his d*** and see if she would take it and she did. She said it was one of the best sexual nights of her life as they continued f****** her most of the night.

  • There is so much you are missing. You are young and appear unhappy. S** should be so good you can’t wait to go home to him. You will see how much different and better it can be if you explore. Once you get a big c*** in you... you will want it so much more and you will think about it a lot more. Don’t forget the female/male/male s** that is the best
    Or the female/female/make s**
    Trust me if you were with me I would show you how much more fun there can be

  • When your car is not delivering mileage as per you want .it means it needs to serviced or replaced why to think so much...?

  • I'm listening, tell me what starts it off?

  • Just go out not in your town and get f*****. See if it satisfy your greedy little p****.

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