S** with my sister-in-law?

My wife loves me, but can't have fulfilling s** with me. She has a paternal twin sister whom she loves and is somewhat concerned about drifting into depression after a failed marriage. My wife and I have been together for 32 years. I've her and her twin since they were eighteen. Because of concern for the two people she loves the most, my wife has been thinking about 'sharing' me sexually with her twin but is at a loss about how to initiate an affair. My wife and my sister-in-law will be 52 in 2019. Neither one of them is anywhere near "playmate" material but I would happily get naked and have delicious s** with my SIL if the opportunity ever presented itself. I'm pretty sure my wife wants this to happen. She had me order some special s** toys for her sibling but is at a loss as to how we should proceed. My wife is not bi, so this would a sexual encounter between just me and her sister. Does anyone have a suggestion? Yes...this odd, but very real!

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  • I dated twins one time. The f***** up thing is they did some odd s*** together. Like they would sleep together nude in a nonsexual way. I got an apartment and my girlfriend moved in. I came home from work one night to find my girl and her sister in bed together. At first I was like WTF. Then I got used to it. So one night I was sleeping and my girl woke me up to have s**. We did it and I went back to sleep. In the morning my girl and her sister kept laughing until I finally asked what's up. That is when they told me it was actually my girls sister who had s** with me last night. I was not too upset because I had gotten used to dumb s*** they did together. I was p***** when I found out her sister wasn't on birth control and wanted a baby. That's why my girl let her have s** with me. Thank God she didn't get pregnant. I broke up with that girl not long after that happened. Twins are f****** crazy, and I'll never date one again.

  • One thing about twins is they share a special connection that no one else will ever understand. That means your wife is closer to her twin sister than you or anyone. So if your wife really wanted you to f*** her twin sister, she would have NO problem asking her to f*** you.

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