S*** wife

I've married the love of my life. My problem is I think I'm a s** addict. I can't help myself. I sleep with every guy I meet. I have only been turned down probably 10 or 12 times in my life. I don't want to lose my new husband. I just don't know what to do. There are no s3x addicts where I live. So I can't talk t ok anyone.

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  • Not all relationships need to be monogamous. You can have both... a partner and numerous f*** buddies!

  • You should have never got married.

  • Do you still want to talk? I can prove I know what your going through!

  • You need to be gang banged in your ass

  • Why, is that what you do? Have a gang bang in your ass?

  • You must have many guys trying to hook back up with you. You remind me of a girl I met after College. I met her after she came off a broken relationship with her ex boyfriend. We had s** first night and to be honest I couldn’t believe the b****** and how she rode me. After dating for about 3 months I found out she was having s** with many guys at our job.
    Some were younger, older, black, married. I only found out cause a guy from work asked me if I knew her. How he asked me didnt really want to say yes I knew her. He said that chick is f****** everyone he heard. I had fallen for her and one night I was about to break it off she confessed she had been with a few guys from work. Her phone was always lighting up with guys trying to get with her. I dumped her and I think she was a total s** addict

  • I try not to sleep with every guy, but I just can't say no. Yes, I have f***** many guys I work with, including my boss, and my bosses boss

  • Become a pro money as well as d***

  • Would you like to talk? XX

  • Are you just trying to get into my pants? Or do you seriously just want to talk?

  • I will be straight a bit of both!
    Because I also suffer from this affliction.
    So believe me I know how it feels

  • That's so terrible sweetheart, just keep me in your pantie I will keep on licking you.

  • We’re do u live I’ll fk you

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