I love worn used stained panties

I love to sniff women's dirty worn panties! ! I jerkoff to them and even fantasize about doing it!! The smell and sight of a woman's p**** turns me on to no end!!

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  • I'd almost go as far to say,that the sight of dirty panties excites me more than a p****

  • Seen my niece masturbating herself through her school panties ,found her panties later loads of c** stains gorgeous smell and taste,covered them with my s**** afterm

  • I don’t think girls start to m*********. That young.

  • Of coarse they do,first time I noticed her playing with her p**** ,rubbing through her p**** through her panties she must have been about 9,she was looking at something on her mobile and thought I couldn't see her,I don't know what she was looking at but she was enjoying herself.its normal for a girl that age same as a boy.

  • Lovely age plenty of c** stains

  • She’s 11 skinny blonde,I go to his house a few times a week and when I use the bathroom her little school uniform is in a heap behind the door,love sucking her knickers.

  • What are the knickers like what colour and style

  • Friends daughters school knickers.

  • Young c*** mmmmm how old is she.

  • Yes and my niece,she wears navy blue always full of creamy stains,gorgeous smell and taste.mmmmm

  • Yummy

  • How old

  • Just the right age

  • Lol so witch is the best age. You can’t beat a tight sexy body

  • 9-13 best,anyone agree

  • Omg my niece is 9

  • Have you sniffed or tasted her panties yet?

  • I have licked my friends daughter when she stayed over

  • I've done that loads of times,specially when I visit my friend,always go to bathroom and look in laundry basket for little daughters panties to sniff and taste.

  • It wasn't the panties I licked!!

  • What did you lick then

  • Her p****, it was great

  • Bet she loved it did she o*****

  • Yes it was unreal, her body was shuddering

  • Loved to have seen that,nothing like a young one having o*****

  • It was in believable, by the time we finished the whole room smelt of her

  • I love the taste of young p**** juice on my tongue if you keep it right up as they o*****.mmmmm

  • Omg I was just reading this and got really h**** about you putting your toungue right up there.

  • I tell you more if you want?

  • What else have you done to them do you always get them to o*****

  • I try to get them to o***** every time most of the time they do' but some times they haent, not very often tho.
    Nothing better than if you can get them to multiple o*****, and sometimes squirt!
    Intercourse can be difficult but they always enjoy it

  • Do they ever m********* for you

  • In some cases yes but I tend to want to do the things with them,
    There smell gets me every time

  • You making me so f****** h**** could do with a 69 now sharing these smelly panties I've got sniffing and tasting

  • Are you male or female?

  • Male ,you?

  • I'm male, and I will be meeting one later I will lick her vag and her bum hole, and then I will have intercourse with her.
    I'm also try a*** play

  • Do you like sucking c***,or 69 with a guy

  • NO! I like females, why dont you find a nice young woman of 11/12 to make you happy?

  • I've had those,I'm bi agree best age for girl,can you get them to o***** that age tell us how.

  • Be gentle lots of kissing especially in and on there p*ssy when they are ready put your finger up to there g-spot maybe use lube, finger that, and lick there c*** with other finger rub round there bum hole maybe even put in this will definitely work

  • Do you ever tongue her butt hole or have a 69 with them ,do you have intercourse with them.i suppose it's safe to c** inside them

  • Yes, I have full s** v and a if possible and I 69 and tongue f*ck there ass

  • She is with me now do you want me to do something with her?

  • Tongue her butt hole and finger her p**** ,let me know what it smells like

  • It smells bitter sweat she has squirted a bit and then I tongued her bum hole that strangely tasted sweat sweat and smelt like p*ssy I'm trying to insert into her, get your c*** out and pretend it's you if you want?

  • I'm wanking now wish I was with you watching ready for me to put it in her got a big load for her,haven't c** since Mon night it will fill her up

  • I'm in her now what do you want me to do?

  • You lucky guy,shoot a nice load up her as she is orgasming,how old is she

  • 11, I'm not far now! She is moaning really load, I'm squeezing her nipples too

  • She must be nice and tight would she take a thick c***

  • Wow! That was amazing! I came inside her, we cleaned up and are enjoying a cigarette each.
    We both came!!

  • Wish I could have got into her after you.ask her if she would have liked my thick c*** up her after you,she could have another o*****

  • I guess we could do it again, I will see if I can get it up her bum!

  • I'll do it for you,tell her a big load is ready for her.let me know if she would like that

  • I'm all the way in now this is so tight it won't last long I'm rubbing her c******* she strangely loving it

  • That's all I can take I'm speechless!!!

  • Well done mate,she was well and truly f***** two loads up her she must have been happy.

  • Yes, she keeps asking when can she see me again and when we do it?
    But I have another of my friends daughters in need to show some interest in too

  • How old is this one

  • How do you manage to have intercourse with a young one ,isn't her p**** too tight,have you got a large c***?
    What is the secret. What age can a girl take a man's c*** all the way?

  • You have to know where and what they like, plenty of lubricant, they must be very comfortable and excited, and with patience and time yes it will work, and trust me they love IT!

  • My friend little one is nice but I don't think she manage my thick c***,although I going by what you say she would take it with plenty of foreplay,you didn't say how big your c*** is,love to know.

  • Between 7half to 8 inch.
    How old is girl?

  • She 11,is that ok

  • Is she willing?

  • Yes,she wants to have it,any advice

  • Is she with you now?

  • She,s here now can you tell her what to do and what is going to happen

  • I'm here now

  • Can you tell her how to take my c*** without it hurting

  • You need to kiss each each other explore each others bodies, start gently rubbing and touching her nipples and small b****, then start to slowly touching her p****, until she's moist.
    Then give her oral, use a finger gently to insert in her, give cherry a couple of o******, you can even lick her bum hole but I wouldn't insert any fingers.
    Then you should be very hard' with lots of lube gently start inserting don't go straight in! Just ease your way, eventually her p**** will stretch for you plenty of kissing and touching will be needed, whilst doing it.
    Tell her she's beautiful a lot, for assurance.

    And be careful, you will also find you may fall in love with her very hard in here to help.

  • Fall in love with her lol.

  • I had her yesterday ,got her really worked up and wet licking her bum hole and c***,she sucked my c*** ,I rubbed all my pre c** on her p**** lips but she tensed up and could not get into her ended up having a 69 and both having o*****,she cried afterwards ,I said there's plenty of time.did you ever have anything like that,and how did you resolve it.

  • Yes, sometimes this can happen.
    But lube can do wonders,
    If you can get three fingers in her pu$$y then normally a Willy will go in.
    Is she with you now?

  • Yes

  • I'm here now, let me help then

  • You two are about to make love x

  • She,s getting wet now ,I'm trying to find her g spot,she just asked me to lick her bum hole ,she really likes that.

  • Good if you can find her g spot rub it and her cl*terous too, and you can keep licking her bum hole, she might squirt for you, have you got lube?

  • I've got two fingers up her now ,I've got lube should I use it on her because she is really wet now

  • Yes start using the lube don't forget to tell her how hot, beautiful and fantastic she is,
    Let me know when you've lived her!

  • Lubed

  • Should I leave her o***** first,I've got to keep stopping because she,s nearly there and keeps humping her bum and say, c******,c******

  • You can try and put a bit of your Willy in just don't push to hard and to far gently, keep using lube when needed

  • How is it going?

  • Got couple of inches in now ,got to stop her pushing too much don't want to hurt her,she's had an o*****

  • Start a good rhythm going she could be ready for more length gently ease it in, slowly with your Rhythm!
    You will have to e******** in her it will create a bond for her

  • I take things are going very well?
    Let me know everything when you are finished

  • Yes ,I'm done got 3/4 into her and another 2 o***** and my s**** shot right up her.she,s sleeping like a baby now.

  • Well done I'm proud of you, when she wakes she will need fluids!
    After Lots of o****** she will be dehydrated.
    Be honest was that the best you have ever had?

  • Yes good,see what you mean about young ones,have you had any younger

  • It depends on their advancement, 10 is the youngest, and only when willing.
    How come she is staying with you?

  • She,s going home soon have to make sure that my sperm doesn't leak out into her panties, she told me she started masturbating at 9 about 2/3 times a day ,she probably could have been f***** younger,what do you think?

  • Did she bleed if not she probably not a virgin, I've heard of girls as young as 8 but have to be very early starters for that.
    How come as not at school?

  • She off school teacher training, she didn't bleed probably all that masturbating I've read about girls that age getting f***** by young boys don't know if they'd take an adult c***,I know places in Africa the age of concentration is 11,so don't know what age they start having them.

  • Will you be seeing each other again?
    And are you the guy I spoke to who was working at the young girls house?

  • I will meet her again,no it wasn't me working in girl house,sounds interesting love to hear what he was up to?

  • He didn't do anything, would like to hear what your girl looked like everything please, and could she squirt?

  • She is quite short nice legs and bum .breast buds and nice size nipples,dark hair,bit of pubic hair,bet you'd love to f*** her,she was telling me her friend in school just a bit younger,that her 18yo brother is f****** her when their parents in work he gets her in his bed ,I asked her how big was his c*** it's about the same as mine, and he e********* up her,she said there's a lot of girls f****** at their age in her school and girls having s** together.

  • Maybe you could get a threesome with her and her mate?

  • Love that I want to find out which girls are having s** together,she told me that she went to a sleepover last year and two girls and her were in one bed and in the night they were masturbating each other,most of the girls masturbated there, it's making me wanting to w*** now thinking about this,how often do you w***

  • Quite a lot, and yes I would love to f*** your young lover, is this the first you have done? How did you to meet?

  • Love to share her with you ,first at that age,have you had many .if I don't have s** I w*** about 2/3 a day ,I met her through my granddaughter

  • Did she wear Barbie knickers

  • She wears little pink panties,and navy blue,which are better to show her white c** stains,when she has been masturbating her tight little p****

  • I bet her c*** would look lovely I had to look but my friend asked what I was looking at I couldn’t say your little girls c***.

  • Wow I see my friends little girls Barbie knickers the other day as she sat and watched tv

  • How's it going with your young lover?
    Me and mine are planning to get away for a few days in the new year

  • We getting on well now she takes me all the way now and has plenty of o******,she asks me to f*** her now,get you'll get plenty of f****** when your away for a few days,enjoy both of you.

  • Well done I'm proud of you, my s** is fantastic but still got my eye on two others now

  • Omg Barbie knickers on a blonde girl reminds me off the Barbie doll if only lol a real life Barbie doll.

  • I agree, I also like to lick their bum holes too

  • That really gets them going when they start flexing they're butt it's time to get right up to p**** and c***.

  • No thanks

  • No I see her in her panties as some times I give her a lift to school if the weathers bad.

  • What's best age panties to sniff and taste.

  • You know what ones are the best

  • Love to chat about that tell each other our experiences

  • Send me email address we can chat

  • Talk to me on here. What you like doing sniffing knickers

  • Love wanking and sniffing and tasting her c**,end up spunking over them,what about yourself,what do you do,do you taste them.mmmm

  • Who’s c*** are you trying to taste from the knickers

  • The niece's,she c*** a lot in her panties

  • Is she nice how old is she

  • She's 12

  • And when did u first start trying to taste her c***.

  • Are you there now?

  • Yes my friends daughter

  • You've sniffed your friends daughters panties, great please explain!

  • I didn’t no they was his daughters until I was at his house getting some tool from his shed and I heard his wife say to there daughter you don’t just lose a pair of knickers.

  • How often after that did you smell them, including different pairs?

  • It was only the once.

  • Yes it’s all the more fun if it’s a friends wife’s or daughters knickers.

  • I agree young or old! Let's talk more!

  • What ones do you prefer

  • Young

  • Describe the young knickers you like

  • White cotton nice

  • What no details on them or nice colours. White are a bit plane don’t you think.

  • Black or navy blue,the white stains show better.

  • Are you trying to taste there juicy little c**** from them wat age.

  • I do!

  • Describe what she looks like. Is she pretty.

  • Green eyes, long ginger hair, prettiest girl I've ever seen!
    small buds, but beautiful and super pert, she has puffy nipples and always erect, a little round ass, her flower has very little hair and is very strong in smell it's intoxicating

  • Oh so you see her naked then

  • Yes and more!!

  • How old is she

  • Nearly 13

  • I’m sure she pretty but to young if I sniff a girls knickers I’d wanna think how her c*** would taste.

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