Standing nude instead of spanking

I heard that in India, when you get in trouble you have to stand nude in the living room, say for an hour, in place of some other punishment such as spanking. I'm skeptical of this, does anyone have any info?

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  • Hi you there I f***** an Indian women this weekend it was amazing, we were at it for ages! I loved every minute

  • You need not go to india for s** , you can a local f****** immigrant indian girl over there, why do you want to step into that trash country where nasty people live

  • When I was kid, I was spanked. None of this standing stuff.

  • No wrong info, i am an indian

  • ^^ woman or man?^^

  • Man

  • ^^I adore Indian women they are the sexiest in the I world, do you know any who are available? ^^

  • I work for a fortune 100 company. We have a plant in India, as well as China, UK, Germany, well you get the picture. The company loves to move employees around to make it a more culturally diverse company. Long story short I work with a lot of people from India, both men and women. Yes, some Indian women are very pretty.

  • I love everything about Indian girls, they are the best in bed and always the most dirtiest

  • Really? I've been working with women whom I should be hitting on? There is this one Indian girl who has been flirting with me, but I haven't done anything with it. Maybe I should.

  • Definitely, they are unbelievable in bed and willing to take it in every hole well!!

  • Sorry, dude...! I can't help you with the way to their heart as Indian woman is much conservative as compared to your home country woman, so it is up to you. However, your chances are really high as they marry to settle down in their lives so American or British are always have a better luck as compared to native men and also it is up to you how you play your cards. I can at the most take you to some of the whores where I frequently visit...! so you can unload yourself a little bit... yeah that's all I can do for you

  • Yes that would be great, I live in the uk

  • Okay great let me know about your flight details, whenever...

  • Do you not have any Indian girls there I could set until then?

  • No, sorry to disappoint you i really don't have any female friends but as i told you that i often go to a massage parlour to rub some one there i can take you with me and it is not mandatory for you to stick to me as a single point of contact. Also as i already mentioned that you are off your own but what I recommend is if you get a job here let's say call center than you will have plenty of hot teen indian girls to j*** off. As it would give them a chance interaction which is basically what you need. I live in a small city of India here don't have much exposure to be candid. So you can make your mind accordingly. Sorry again not able to help you properly

  • I will take a note out of your book and pay for a w**** I can't wait!!

  • You are getting me wrong i dont want you to pay any money that is just till you dont get a chick so you can have a good time and i will go about my business

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